Teknofest's Most Immersive Game: Crime Scene Investigation

Teknofest's most immersive game crime scene investigation
Teknofest's most immersive game crime scene investigation

The Criminal Department of the General Directorate of Security left its mark on Teknofest, held at Istanbul's Atatürk Airport, with games and new technologies. The most gripping game of Teknofest was 'Crime investigation'.

The Criminal Department of the General Directorate of Security drew attention with games and new technologies to the Teknofest held at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. Various games and activities welcomed the participants of the festival at the stand of the Criminal Department. Among them, the Crime Scene Investigation Game especially attracted the attention of the little guests. In the game, the findings at a crime scene appeared before the children, scattered around as per the scenario.

The children collected the findings and classified them according to their category. They scored. In the game, which also turned into a race among the juniors, a knowledge test was made at the end. Gifts were given to the little ones who were ranked by the police brother and sisters working in the Criminal Department. Thanks to the game, the children both had fun and learned what to do or not to do at the scene in case they encounter similar situations.

Signature That Stops Scammers

The participants of the festival were also informed at the stand of the Criminal Department so that they would not become victims of forgery and fraud crimes. Among the information given, there were points to be considered while signing. Participants were reminded that at least one of their names and surnames should be included in their signatures. It was noted that the bottom and top of the signed paper must be seen. As with the employees of cargo companies, attention was drawn to the signatures that were generally requested while standing at the door. They were asked to make sure where they were signed.

Bombs Will Be Destroyed by Laser from the Air

The Criminal Department also showcased its state-of-the-art aerial destruction robot at Teknofest. Our Minister Mr. The destruction robot, which Süleyman Soylu follows closely, is based on the logic of unmanned aerial vehicles. Designed to be used in areas that are dangerous to approach, the laser-armed drone approaches from the air and neutralizes handmade bomb IEDs or CBRN-P bombs, also described as dirty bombs, from the air. The drone also took its place in the records as the first domestic aircraft with a laser weapon integrated on it. Technology enthusiasts who come to the stand of the Criminal Department will be able to see not only this aircraft, but also the ERTUĞRUL Bomb Disposal Robot, Electro Magnetic Wave (EDS) System Bomb Disposal Robot and EMI/GPR Sensor Bomb Disposal Robot, which has various skills in destruction. Bomb Expert will be able to test themselves the difficulties of defusing a bomb in Virtual/Augmented Reality Simulation.

Awaiting Criminal Technology Enthusiasts

All new generation devices will take place at the stand of the Criminal Department, which will be open throughout the festival. Among them, Kıraç, the New Generation Crime Scene Investigation Tool, takes the lead, which turns the findings into evidence even at the crime scene. Another remarkable innovation in the criminal world is the Shot Direction and Range Detection Kit Study. The kit, which even calculates the distance, stance and height of the perpetrator, will be waiting for its enthusiasts until the end of the festival.

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