Corlu Train Accident Statement by TCDD! We Paid 30 Million TL Compensation to 21 People

Statement about compensations paid for victims of corlu train accident from tcdd
Statement about compensations paid for victims of corlu train accident from tcdd

In the accident that took place near Çorlu Train Station in 2018, lawsuits were filed against TCDD by the relatives of the deceased and the injured themselves. However, when the decision of non-jurisdiction was given in most of the courts where compensation cases were filed, the issue of which court the proceedings would be held remained unanswered and the cases went into prolongation.

For this reason, in order to eliminate the grievances; Considering the principles of Supreme Court practices by the TCDD Board of Directors, it has been decided to peacefully pay compensation to the victims and their relatives by obtaining a report from the expert expert on this subject.

Payments made; Based on the income, age and disability rates of the victims, the experts who are specialized in their field have had them calculated by our General Directorate.

To date, a total of 14 TL has been paid to the relatives of 30 citizens who have passed away and to 21.370.326,72 injured citizens, and the lawsuit process has been concluded with peace. 15 lawsuits that did not result in a settlement and 34 lawsuits with ongoing settlement processes are pending.

On the subject reflected in the press; there is no special payment to the victims, and the victim's attorney has no influence on the calculation or payment of the compensation amounts.

The aforementioned payments are made on the basis of the method adopted by the courts, in order to prevent long trials and to eliminate the victimization.

As the TCDD family, we wish God's mercy on the deceased, our condolences to their relatives, and a speedy recovery to the injured.

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