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SEO service includes all the work done to increase the value of websites, to rank higher in search engine results and to increase the number of site visitors. What needs to be done for this is to make the websites suitable for the criteria of search engines. Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization The work is done by taking into account the search engine criteria, the general appearance and content of the website.

All of the improvement works on websites are the subject of SEO services. Search engines, which are used to search for information and products on the Internet, are the largest source of visitors and customers on web platforms. In search engine results, the majority of customers visit the sites that appear on the first page. For this reason, SEO studies are becoming more and more important.

SEO service It aims to rank websites much higher in search engines with related keywords and to reach the highest number of visitors in search traffic for these words. In this context, websites are made compatible with the criteria of search engines in all aspects. And it provides users with a web platform that they can reach much more easily and quickly. In other words, SEO service is used to make the websites more understandable, easy to use and to reach the level that can give the visitor what they are looking for.

Many companies, e-commerce companies, blog or website owners prefer to get professional services in SEO. SEO is an indispensable element for brands marketing any product or service. With the right SEO work, it will be possible to deliver the marketed product or service to potential customers in the fastest and most accurate way. Even if you have a website with marketing activities, it is beneficial to use SEO services to increase the recognition and brand value of the company and to increase the visit rates of the site. Simur Digital focuses on providing maximum benefit to its customers with its activities and professional team in this field.

SEO Studies Should Be Conducted By A Professional Team

SEO work is divided into two as on-site and off-site SEO work. SEO studies consist of extensive studies on the design and software of websites, as well as on their already owned content. Off-site SEO studies aim to ensure the flow of visitors to the site through links from outside the website, visual materials, social media, forums, blogs and various similar resources, and to increase the recognition and quality of the site.

Simur Digital In this context, first of all, it examines the website for which SEO consultancy is requested, using various professional tools and prepares a detailed SEO report. Then, this report is analyzed by taking into account many criteria. It is determined what changes, developments and arrangements will be made by using the resources on the site and outside the site. These operations are performed on the basis of the words and word groups that are desired to be displayed in the search results. If the same operations are performed on the site, search engine bots will begin to scan the website more often, show more content in search results, and move the words or phrases determined over time to the top.

Target Audience Should Be Determined Correctly in SEO Studies

While performing the keyword analysis suitable for the sector, the focus is on words with high search volume suitable for the target audience. URL structures are updated after the site contents are optimized based on the determined keywords.

Sectoral competitors are examined. Thus, the growth in organic traffic in a certain period, the positive effect of organic traffic on turnover and visibility in search results with the right keywords are aimed.

Based on the competitor analysis, the competition rate of the sector is examined and targets are determined in this direction.

User-friendly content with keywords that are suitable for the target audience and with high search volumes are considered as SEO-friendly content. For this reason, website contents should be arranged in this way.

Mobile-friendly websites are listed much higher than non-mobile-friendly websites. In order to achieve this, care should be taken to arrange the websites to be mobile-friendly. Likewise, user experience should be based on and in-site interaction controls should be provided.

Don't Ignore the Power of SEO Studies

Since the arrangements made may be broken by a software problem or update, the SEO project should be checked at regular intervals. Data such as landing pages, increases in organic traffic, most visited pages, new user increase rates should be examined monthly and annually.

Likewise, on-site user behavior is one of the most important elements that give clues about optimizations. For this reason, care should be taken to make optimizations in line with user analysis.

Organic traffic defines sessions that come naturally to the website from search engine results, without any advertising or sponsorship fees. Reflection of the increase in organic traffic on sales;

  • Increasing efficiency and conversion by being easily integrated with other marketing activities,
  • By ranking high in search engine results, more customers will recognize and trust the brand, and the brand will grow,
  • It is in the form of increasing the conversion by highlighting the products that the user mainly focuses on.

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