Causes Hair Loss?

causes hair loss
causes hair loss

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op.Dr. İlhan Serdaroğlu gave information on the subject. Men and women who have hair loss problems, which shampoo should I use to prevent hair loss? What is the fastest hair growth shampoo? Which shampoo should I use for long and fast growing hair? Which products can be used against hair loss? like…they often ask themselves questions.

But why does our hair fall out?

The reasons for our hair loss can be:

  1. Genetic factors (androgenetic alopecia): If there is baldness in the family, your hair may fall out due to genetic factors.
  2. Your hair may fall out due to the intense stress you are exposed to.
  3. Your hair may fall out due to a lack of minerals (such as iron, selenium, zinc and magnesium) and vitamins.
  4. There may be spills due to vitamin A excess
  5. Hair loss may occur due to heavy diet and rapid weight loss.
  6. Our hair may fall out due to seasonal changes
  7. Our hair may fall out due to hormonal disorders.
  8. May shed depending on some drugs used
  9. It can be poured during the postpartum puerperium
  10. Like all our body cells, our hair may fall out as a result of age-related aging and weakening of our hair follicles.

Depending on the above reasons, our hair strands may shed heavily one by one. Losing 100-150 strands of hair per day is considered normal. If it is more than 150-200 wires, you should consult a specialist doctor for diagnosis and treatment. In cases of genetic shedding, our hair follicles become weaker, weaker, gradually thinner, turn into quince hair and fall out.

How can we strengthen our hair with shampoos against hair loss? Is the use of shampoo effective in hair loss?

First of all, the content of the shampoo should be herbal and in a content that will protect the moisture and oil balance in our scalp. For this reason, when choosing a shampoo, we should pay attention to the type and amount of chemical cleaning agents (especially sulfated surfactants) in its content. We should use shampoos that do not contain SLS, paraben and silicone derivatives. Shampoos containing intense chemicals dry out our scalp and disrupt the moisture balance, causing flaking on the skin and even allergy-related redness.

Due to the weakening of the hair follicles, our hair becomes thinner, turns into quince hair, breaks and falls out. In order for our hair to grow healthy and to have long and strong hair, it is very important that our scalp is healthy. Skin health can be achieved with a healthy cleaning product. It is not possible to maintain a healthy skin quality with shampoos containing allergens and sulfate compounds. Just as a healthy plant will grow in a soil that is balanced in terms of moisture and vitamins, our hair also lengthens and thickens on the scalp with moisture and oil balance. The formula for fast-growing hair is to nourish our hair with quality shampoos and serums, both internally and externally, with nutritional and nutritional supplements. With a quality shampoo against hair loss, you protect the health of your scalp and hair. Before buying the shampoos sold in the markets and stated to be effective against hair loss, you should examine the product and choose natural shampoos with herbal ingredients (such as Trixowell Serum and Shampoo…) that do not contain silicone and paraben.

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