Meanings of Colors and Their Effects in Psychology

meanings of colors and their effects in psychology
meanings of colors and their effects in psychology

Colors have a very important place in human life. Colors have been given different meanings in many different cultures since the first years of humanity. The world of colors is also much more complex and interesting than one might think. Some colors can be easily recognized, some can have a positive or negative effect on psychology. The power of colors is a broad topic that has been up-to-date and interpreted in different ways in different cultures since the existence of humanity, but in today's world, developments in many fields from science to psychology, from sociology to physiology have enabled us to obtain more objective and research-based data on colors.


Red, which is a color with high energy, is in the group of warm colors. The most important effect of red, which symbolizes concepts such as love, power, excitement, sincerity, as well as fire, blood and aggression, on psychology is that it encourages people to make quick decisions and increase their expectations. Red is a color that attracts attention in any environment. Red color can be preferred for objects, writings or decoration products that are desired to be noticed.

Red not only increases emotional intensity and puts you in an energetic mood, but also stimulates appetite. For this reason, red color is often preferred in fast food chains founded on quick decision making and fast eating.


Expressing cleanliness and purity in many cultures, white also symbolizes continuity, neutrality and stability. In most cultures, brides wear white. White, which is used as a symbol of purity here, symbolizes cleanliness in the health sector. For this reason, white is preferred in doctors, nurses and laboratory environments. In addition, white, which can reflect light, keeps it cool thanks to this feature. For this reason, it is very often preferred in summer clothes.

White, which also has positive effects on psychology, evokes continuity and stability. For this reason, the power of white can be used in business negotiations.


Black is one of the most preferred colors. Black is widely used in decoration, clothes, accessories. Due to the dark nature of black, which is defined as the color of nobility, power, wisdom and trust, it can also be identified with dark forces, crime and evil.

Black is the color of grief and self-confidence, perseverance and determination at the same time. It can be preferred at an invitation or a meeting where you want to look stylish, and black is preferred as a sign of mourning at funerals.


Blue, the color of the sea and the sky, creates a feeling of eternity, spaciousness and peace in many people. It reduces stress, evokes calmness, relaxation and order. In terms of color psychology, it can be said that blue emphasizes the feelings of trust and responsibility. Blue signifies inner confidence. Blue, which is in the group of cool colors, is a peaceful color that encourages both physical and mental relaxation. Being preferred in the decorations of work areas can increase productivity as well as create confidence.


The color of the sun, which warms and illuminates the universe, is yellow, among the warm colors. One of the first thoughts that comes to mind when yellow is mentioned is positivity. Enthusiastic and happy, the color yellow also has a serious effect on increasing efficiency and productivity. The fact that people working in the field of creativity use the color yellow more in their lives will feed their business life.

Yellow also has a temporary and interesting side to action. For this reason, yellow is often used in taxis or shopping sites.


When many people think of green, the first thing that comes to mind is nature. Green, which is the color of a small seed that has just sprouted from the ground, besides the trees as far as the eye can see; It also represents life, renewal and rebirth along with feelings such as peace, vigor and youth.
Green, which has a relaxing effect for the eyes, is known to increase eyesight. You may notice that your eyes get tired when you work at the computer for a long time and stay indoors. When you experience such a problem, it is possible to rest your eyes by spending time in nature.

Green is also calming and soothing. It can also be preferred in hospitals as it has a reassuring and feel-good effect. Middle-aged brides wear green in some cultures because it represents rebirth and fertility.


Although one of the first things that come to mind when brown is said to be suffocating and boring, brown actually has an effect that triggers speed. A study of colors in Cansas focused on the difference between white and brown, and the color of the walls of the art museum was made in a changeable form. The research revealed that visitors leave the museum in a much shorter time when the walls are brown, and they spend more time in the museum when the walls are white.
One of the reasons why brown is preferred as much as red in fast food restaurants is that brown triggers fast movement.

Since brown is an earth color, it can create a comfortable and informal perception when preferred in clothes. For this reason, it is recommended not to choose brown in job interviews.


Known as the color of noble and artistic people, purple has the effect of increasing imagination. The color purple can trigger sadness and depression, but those who have sleep problems can use the color purple to fall asleep. Among the psychological meanings of colors, purple is often used by people who have sleep problems. This is because it has a sleep-inducing effect. At the same time, the color purple has an imaginative effect.


Orange is a warm color with high energy. It symbolizes happiness, vitality, courage and confidence. Orange, which is the color of extroverted and energetic people, can be associated with socializing.

Orange colors, which have a high potential to emit energy, can also be preferred in kitchen and dining areas. Because orange has an appetite-stimulating effect.

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