How Perkotek Face Recognition System Works

How does the perkotek face recognition system work?
How does the perkotek face recognition system work?

It is seen that studies on the effect of the human factor on our daily life have increased among the fourth generation information technologies, which predict that individuals will interact with computers rather than people. The main content of the interaction in the developed smart systems is the recognition of individuals, the correctness of the records and their identification.

When the records or the individual are confirmed to be correct, the intended use of these systems is realized. However, in these systems used, problems such as forgetting the password, stealing the password, going out of time due to human origin. face recognition focused on systems.

The word biometric is derived from the words “bio” (life) and “metron” (measurement) and is the science of measuring and statistically analyzing biological data. Biometric systems can also be defined as computer-controlled systems developed to identify individuals by recognizing their physical and behavioral characteristics. The main reason for the use of biometric systems in identification is the uniqueness of human biology. Each person has unique characteristics. While it is not possible for each person to have a similar biological characteristics, it is very difficult to be used and imitated by another person. Since people do not have similar characteristics, it is impossible to use and activate these records. Therefore, biometric recognition systems are the most effective and precise solution in areas where security is required. Biometric systems basically work with the feature of recognizing the physical or behavioral characteristics that the person only has, cannot change and distinguishes from others. To summarize biometric recognition systems, Biometric systems are two-stage systems consisting of recognition and verification. In the recognition part, records are collected and these records are converted into a single and unique code specific to that person and stored in the database. In the verification part, these collected records are compared with the relevant person immediately and the result is reached.

The most commonly used methods in biometric identification systems are listed below.

  • Face recognition
  • Iris Recognition
  •  Fingerprint Recognition
  •  Hand Geometry Recognition
  •  Voice Recognition

Face recognition is a preferred Image recognition subject that is rapidly increasing its importance today. facial recognition and finger print It is a task that the human brain performs without much difficulty. The human face has very distinctive features and the human brain uses the visual information of the face as biometric descriptors. The human brain has a complex structure and is therefore difficult to analyze. But it can be simulated for learning, which is the most basic function of the brain.

Computer algorithms that perform the basic functions of the brain by simulation have been developed for face recognition. A face recognition problem can be defined as identifying or verifying an individual using a database of known people's facial images with a given face image as input. Facial recognition systems record and process the person. Due to the developments in technology and the increasing need for applications using face recognition, research in this field has increased rapidly in recent years. Facial recognitionHYPERLINK “” The slope image of the original image is used in the system process. A certain number of attribute values ​​were produced from the obtained graph. The face recognition process was carried out by using the obtained attribute values ​​in the artificial neural network. Experiments have shown that the developed method is successful for face recognition.

Where is the turnstile system and face recognition used?

It is used in many areas such as companies, public institutions and organizations, Factories, Hospitals, Laboratories, Educational Institutions, Sports Centers, Member Tracking Systems, User Verification Systems, Student Dormitories, Classrooms, Universities, Hotels, and Stores.

To prevent the entrance and exit of non-members in the follow-up of the members in the gyms, tourniquet  systems and many similar areas. One hundred HYPERLINK “”okuma Faces, which are recorded on the device and whose reference points are converted into numerical data by algorithm, are recorded in the system database. As soon as the face is read again, face recognition process takes place in a very short time like 1 second and data verification is done. These systems do not wait for a long time. They are very systematic and easy-to-use products. The verified data is transferred to the desired program with the help of API.

The purposes of use can be used in taking the entry-exit times of the personnel and accordingly making the payroll calculations and giving the wages. Deficiencies in entry and exit times are calculated and seen in the system and are reflected in the pricing. It is a very reliable and easy system for personnel entry and exit tracking.

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