Perkotek Body Search Detector

perkotek top search detector
perkotek top search detector

The body search detector scans the passer by dividing them into zones and sections, and thanks to this feature, it does not allow any metal apparatus to pass unnoticed. Since it is a qualified product, it gives a warning that someone who is metal cannot escape from the product. It can perform detailed scanning by dividing and dividing the human body into 3, 6, 9, 18 and 32 regions according to the models.

Body search powered by electricity hand detector Not operating another device on the line to which it is connected is also an important condition in prolonging the life of the device. Sensitivity adjustments are between 0-255 and can be adapted to six different scenarios, and with fine-tuning adjustments, information can be defined to which density metal it should react to.

When used with a hand-held body search detector, a full search and scanning process will take place. In this way, it becomes a whole. Thanks to the rechargeable battery in the hand-held body search detector, it can continue to work for long hours without interruption. It is a product that does not cause any problems in terms of time. Body search detectors are more preferred as they continue to operate without cost and x-ray emission compared to x-ray devices, and they eliminate the security weaknesses of enterprises with their easy use and installation.

Body search detectors, which work in harmony with the EMC electromagnetic radiation standard, do not cause any harm to people using pacemakers, pregnant women, films, floppy disks and videocassettes. They are products that can be used with peace of mind in indoor and outdoor environments without being exposed to liquid contact. With the sensitivity sensors it contains, it has options such as not reacting to various materials. Various adjustments can be made, such as metal density being adjustable, not reacting to coins but reacting to wristwatches. They are very useful and preferred systems as they are adjusted.

For what purpose are body search detectors used?

The purpose of use of body search detectors is to help detect any cutting, piercing or dangerous metal on the person before entering an environment. Its most important task is to provide security. It provides security in shopping malls, hospitals and hotels by providing deterrent and full protection in the regions where security measures are planned to be taken. You can perform simple installation procedures with peace of mind, and you can protect your business and your area from various dangers. Today, it is a very suitable system to provide security in places with high crowds of people.


What are the types of guard tour control systems?

Guardtour guard control systems; The production and manufacturing phase of this system, which is the most preferred among our product range and you will use for many years due to its long life, takes place within our company. Guardtour control telltale clock The pen is made of hard ABS plastic and its body is made of cast steel in one piece and is offered for your use as it is extremely durable. This system has been produced in IP 68 standards and has become today's product as resistant to liquid dust and impacts and has become a product that gives confidence to our customers. It will not let you down with its 30.000 recording capacity with a single full charge.

Perguard guard control systems; With its impact-resistant hard aluminum body, it has the potential to work smoothly against water, dust and impacts. They are very durable products. It performs the communication process with the software with the data usb cable inside and provides information about the visits of your guard in the control areas by obtaining the necessary reports. Thanks to the reports, the hours read are compared. It can be examined in two separate groups as flashlight and LCD screen. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery inside, it provides long years of rechargeable use. It can also be charged via USB connection. Long-term data storage can be done with a recording capacity of 10.000.


Generator power supply is one of the most basic parts for the X-ray device to be fully functional and healthy. When this part transmits its energy to the parts in the x-ray, the system starts to work. Connecting the generator's power supply to the UPS uninterruptible power supply is recommended due to sudden interruptions in the power line and irregular voltage fluctuations.

The program software of X-ray devices has 4 different language options within itself. These are the global languages ​​English, French, Russian and Turkish, respectively. It is intended to be used by all countries of the world with ease with four different language options. They are devices suitable for the use of many countries. They are very systematic products in terms of language options.

What are the types of X-ray devices?

X-ray devices are diversified according to their features of penetrating the conveyor belt inlet and outlet dimensions and their ability to display inorganic and organic materials on the conveyor carrying capacity.

Penetration is the x-ray receptors in the x-ray device and the degree of penetration of photon rays into the materials. E.g; There are fundamental differences between the x-ray device that can penetrate 34mm of steel and the x-ray device that can penetrate into 17mm of steel.

By defining fingerprints in some variants, it enables the personnel who log in to the user and follow up at a certain time interval to take responsibility.  XHYPERLINK “” rail device By identifying the person entering the area, the object entering the conveyor, the person exiting the area and the people exiting the conveyor with four cameras on it, in any negative situation, the person cannot claim that the baggage or the problematic item does not belong to him, and if necessary, these records will be recorded by the law enforcement agencies. and can be shared with the necessary units. With cameras, everything becomes easier.

As Perkotek, our x-ray device types that we have undertaken the distributorship; Secuda 5030-C x-ray device (to display organic inorganic materials at the same time), Secuda 5030 x-ray device, Secuda 6550 x-ray device, Secuda 8065 Plus x-ray device, Secuda 100 80 x-ray device, Secuda 100- 100 x-ray devices. You can visit perkotek address to review our information and products.

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