Perkotek Parking Barrier Systems

perkotek parking barrier systems
perkotek parking barrier systems

What are the definition and qualifications of parking barriers?

It allows us to systematically control the use of vehicles and to enter and exit. The parking barrier system is usually placed in places such as shopping malls, sites and apartments, event venues, factory places, hospitals, public institutions, parking lots, and the entrances and exits are controlled.

Barrier systems work together with other suitable systems in an integrated manner. For example, barriers work systematically together with the controls. The controls can be distributed to the people in the site or apartment, provided that the people who come to open their own doors. These people stated that they wanted to use a remote control. This is a very preferred event in systems. It is a very useful system that recognizes the stickers placed on the vehicles through antennas called hgs/ogs, which is much more convenient to use, and detects and opens you from 10 meters before approaching the barrier.

Systems such as card reading at the entrance, which were used in previous years, are not requested. It is not considered suitable because it does not provide convenience in terms of use. E.g; In bad weather conditions, in weather events such as snow, rain, people do not want to open the windows of their vehicles, as a result of this, people tend to hgs ogs systems more. This factor has an important place in its frequent preference.

Safety has a very important place in automatic barrier systems. parking barrier  safety photocells are the most important product in this regard. Provided that between the main body of the barrier and the opposite fork leg, they see each other exactly opposite each other, if a person or vehicle wants to pass under the barrier while descending, it will rise back without harming people as a result of the laser cut between the two photocells. So no one gets hurt.

What is X-ray system

The X RAY product is often used with length detectors. In terms of usage, their purpose is the same. It is the name of the product that shows whether there is a dangerous substance in the products such as suitcases, bags, any closed cargo, without the need to open the closed things. If we explain its working qualities, it has an x-ray generator that produces x-rays with the power it receives from electricity. When our bags enter the tunnel, the device produces x-rays and the rays penetrating the bag create images as a result of reflection from the diode detectors around the tunnel. These are the different tunnel sizes in the market where these products are available 50(width)30(length)

It is divided into 65 50, 80 65, 100 80, 100 100. Some models are divided into two as a and c, and the difference between c is that models with c can distinguish inorganic and organic.

ORGANIC: Atomic numbers from 1 to 10 are called organic compounds. x ray displayed in orange. If we give an example of these, they are objects consisting of paper, textile products, wood and water.

INORGANIC: Those with atomic numbers greater than 18 are considered inorganic. These are shown in blue. Examples of inorganic bodies are those containing titanium, chromium, iron, steel, tin, lead, copper, silver, gold.

The safety photocell, on the other hand, sees if there is a vehicle under the arm and prevents the arm from closing on the vehicle or any object. Since the arms of the parking barrier are telescopic, the arm lengths can be adjusted by the buyer or upon request. The fenced barriers are fixed at 5m because they are fringed. All barriers also have automatic closing. Closing periods can be canceled or made for a long time. Users can make adjustments as they wish.

Mc and mx barriers are spectacular barriers in terms of appearance. It is quiet and stable in terms of working principles. These types of barriers have double arms. Available in gray-black and red-black colors.

The accordion barrier opens and closes, such as parking barrier sliding doors, these barriers are available in motorized and non-motorized versions and are available. Motorized ones are controlled and automatic.

This type of automatic mushroom barrier is used by embedding into the ground. Since it does not allow passage when the vehicle passes, it does not allow it by leaving the ground. It prevents transitions by leaving the floor at the time of use. At the time of permitted passage, it is buried and allows the passage of the vehicle.

roadblocker barrier systemsIn this barrier, the mushroom type emerges from the ground like a barrier and prevents vehicle passages. Allows transitions by re-entering the ground instantly. It prevents the passage along the floor and has a curved structure. In this way, it is level with the ground.

Parking barriers come with the controls defined for them. These controls can be defined up to 20 on their main board. More remote controls can be defined by attaching an extra control receiver when desired, and in this way, parking barriers can be used. Barriers can also be used with buttons as another option. Parking barriers can be opened, closed and stopped using the opening and closing functions on the main board.




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