Perkotek Accordion Barrier

perkotek accordion barrier
perkotek accordion barrier

The accordion barrier is a type of barrier that works with back and forth movement on the line that closes in a vertical line, either manually or by motor. It is made of aluminum because it is not heavy. It can be adjusted according to the desired, selected length by adding to each other. It provides the possibility of use as fixed or mobile. It is simple and easy to use and transport. It is resistant to overturning, impact and movement from anywhere. It is used to keep large crowds together and to minimize the ease of transitions. The accordion barriers at the parking lot entrances are systems used to prevent the passage of vehicles and to control the passages. These systems are quite necessary for a certain order. The accordion barrier consists of two types of models, these are called standard accordion, motorized accordion.

Standard accordion barrier manually installed, quiet operation and aesthetic, beautiful appearance. Thanks to its aluminum structure, it has a durable, flexible and light structure. Thanks to the reflectors on the wheels, they provide brightness in the dark and at night, allowing them to be noticed and seen. It is used without the need for an electrical line as it is suitable for every floor. No electrical system is required for installation. The measure of the height dimension is 120 cm. It covers an area of ​​47 meters when unfolded to a length of 2 cm when folded.

It can be extended further by adding to each other upon request. There are 7 struts in the module, and there are 4 wheels in total. Its weight is 8 kg and can be carried easily. The diameter of the wheels is 20 cm. The product walks on its wheels. Most importantly, it is possible to collect it after the organization and send it to a different area without any deformation.



Facial recognition technology systems are a system that is frequently used in both security applications and personnel (person) tracking. Especially in today's pandemic period, many companies have switched to face recognition, considering the virus spread, hygiene conditions and of course in terms of health. In line with these conditions, the face recognition system is among the highly preferred products. One of the biggest advantages of face recognition is that it is used to prevent illegal card access. These systems prevent illegal passages and unauthorized passages. Facial recognition is among the most suitable technologies to save both time and labor. Transitions are provided without wasting much time, and the daily flow becomes easy.

Personnel tracking and access controls with facial recognition minimize the margin of error. The low margin of error, fast identification algorithm, non-contact hygienic use features of face recognition systems distinguish themselves from other fingerprint and other types of pass. Thanks to this high security in face recognition systems, passages and exits are extremely safe.

Buildings, plazas, business centers and areas requiring high security are the most used areas for entering and exiting, identity verification. Facial recognition is also used in criminal identification and terrorist search in public places. In addition, this system is used in government applications such as identity cards, driver's licenses and passports. Although it is not very old, it also has smart home systems. Face recognition system started to be integrated. We have been familiar with this technology for a long time now in our mobile phones in our pockets.

This feature, which has recently been used especially in our mobile phones, brings many discussions. The issues of stealing and tracking our personal data have come to the fore again. These issues started to take place on the agenda. In particular, it is said that many social media platforms keep their customers' personal data using facial recognition technology in their applications. It is especially easy for law enforcement to collect facial recognition data. This is not something that citizens can ignore. Because people cannot change their faces like changing passwords. The registration in facial recognition systems is the same. is fixed. However, according to studies conducted around the world, facial recognition data in the hands of companies is larger and wider than that of government institutions. As a result, if it is used for the right purpose, it is a system that can yield a very efficient result.

It turns out that it is used effectively and it provides benefits in comprehensive areas from security in public spaces to creating some data. It is also used to keep statistics of the system.


Hotel door lock systems, especially used by companies serving the tourism sector or accommodation, provide a safe and comfortable stay for guests without the need for any cables, materials or infrastructure work, and take the trouble of changing the door lock core in cases such as key carrying and key loss. are external battery operated door locks that provide card access. Today, with the rapidly developing technology, the protection-protection needs of people have increased in parallel with the development of technology in the security sector. At this time, supply and demand for security systems are increasing in terms of conditions.

For security purposes, from hostels to luxury hotels, in businesses providing accommodation services such as holiday villages, luxury hotels, boutique hotels and star hotels, or in small businesses in guesthouses. hotel door lock Using systems is preferred for high rates of use because it provides ease of management and great savings in the medium and long term, rather than the purpose of living in luxury.

Hotel door lock systems, which can work in integration with technological security devices that will enter our lives in the future, provide ease of use for the management of hotels or businesses, while keeping the comfort and safety of their guests at the highest level, and bringing business management one step closer to their maximum customer satisfaction targets.

To get detailed information about our stylish, high quality, robust and modern hotel door lock systems, you can view the product promotion images on our website or call our Customer Support Line for detailed information.

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