Mobil Oil Turkish Draws Attention to Vehicle Maintenance Before Winter Season

mobil oil turk draws attention to pre-winter vehicle maintenance
mobil oil turk draws attention to pre-winter vehicle maintenance

Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş., which makes high contributions to the life and performance of vehicles with the products and services it offers, drew attention to the maintenance measures that drivers should take before the winter season starts with the end of the summer months.

Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş., which makes high contributions to the life and performance of vehicles with the products and services it offers, drew attention to the maintenance measures that drivers should take before the winter season starts with the end of the summer months. Emphasizing the importance of checking the engine oil, tires, headlights, wipers and antifreeze before the winter period in particular, the statement also underlined the free 1-point control at Mobil 10 Center lubrication centers. Mobil 37 Center service points, located in 75 locations in 1 provinces in Turkey, determine the maintenance needs of vehicles together with these checks and ensure that vehicle users are always ready for the road.

Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş, which has been successful in the production and marketing of mineral oils for 116 years in our country and the services provided in this context, draws attention to the issue of vehicle maintenance with the end of the summer season. Pointing out that breakdowns and the possibility of going to the service are higher especially in the winter months, Mobil Oil Türk A.Ş. listed the points that need to be checked, from engine oil control to antifreeze, so that drivers do not encounter any negativities. The statement also referred to the free 37-point control at Mobil 75 Center lubrication centers operating in 1 locations in 10 provinces in Turkey regarding maintenance.

The maintenance recommendations that drivers should pay attention to before the winter months are listed as follows:

Winter tires must be ready

With the cooling of the weather, it is important to apply winter tires to vehicles and the first condition to be ready for the winter months is winter tires. The deep treads of winter tires compared to summer tires provide better grip in rainy weather and icy road conditions. Thus, while preventing possible accidents, other connected components of the vehicle are also protected.

Brakes should be checked in detail.

Hardware and parts of the brake system are subject to more intense wear in winter than in other seasons. For this reason, the brake and the components that make up the brake must always be handled with great care and replaced and renewed at the slightest malfunction. The use of outdated components can weaken driving safety and lead to an increase in accidents.

Worn wipers should be replaced

Wipers stand out as the most used parts in the winter months. Wipers that are not used much in the summer may lose their efficiency in the winter months when exposed to excessive heat. Therefore, it is important to control the wipers and replace them if necessary.

If antifreeze is missing, it must be topped up.

The antifreeze, which ensures that the water does not freeze, especially at temperatures down to 0 degrees and below, also protects your car against negative effects such as calcification, abrasion and rust in the cooling system. Therefore, the antifreeze liquid that prevents the water in the radiators from freezing must be checked.

Glass water should not be neglected against dust and mud.

In both dry and rainy weather, one of the most frequently used points stands out as washer fluid and wiper fluid. The wiper water must be checked before setting off during the winter months and must be kept in its reservoir at all times.

Headlight settings need to be reviewed

Headlights are used more frequently in winter than in summer for a clear view. It is vital that the headlights work properly in early dark, rain and fog conditions. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to check that the high, low and fog lights are working properly during the winter months.

If the steering wheel and suspension are worn, they should be intervened.

Potholes caused by extreme temperature changes and abrasive substances such as salt and sand on the road surface can accelerate the wear of the car's steering and suspension system. Basic suspension elements such as the swingarm and lower ball joint need to be checked regularly, especially due to salt contamination.

Worn filters should be replaced

Filters that have been used for a long time or that have been exposed to long roads in the summer can cause the cars to heat up late in the winter months. In addition, the fuel filter must be checked against fuel freezing and the pollen filter must be clean in order for the vehicle's air conditioner to work properly. For this reason, it is recommended that the air, fuel and pollen filter be checked by experts during the winter months.

Low voltage battery may discharge faster

At sub-zero temperatures, the vehicle's battery consumes more energy and loses power. This may mean that there is a problem in starting the vehicle. Even old batteries that have reached the end of their life may not start the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle's equipment that needs energy, such as lighting, infotainment and air conditioning systems, draw more energy from the battery when the ignition is off. So it might be good to do a quick and practical battery test before winter.

Engine oil check should be done periodically

One of the most important points to be checked before the air temperatures drop is engine oil. Engine oil is critical for the healthy operation of all parts of the engine, which is considered the heart of the vehicle. In this regard, before the winter months, the engine oil level should be checked and, if it is missing, topped up. Choosing a quality and reliable engine oil in order to maintain the fluidity of the engine oil at low temperatures and to prevent excessive dilution of the oil at high temperatures has high benefits for the life of the engine.

1 critical point control from Mobil 10 Center service points

At Mobil 1 Center lubrication centers, where quality service is offered at advantageous prices with the world's leading synthetic engine oil, Mobil 1, 10 critical point checks are offered free of charge as well as oil changes under expert team control. A total of 10 critical point controls, from tires to brakes, from oil level to suspension system, are provided in just 1 minutes by expert teams at Mobil 15 Centers.

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