Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Turkey for 25 Years

Mercedes Benz Sprinter has been in Turkey for years
Mercedes Benz Sprinter has been in Turkey for years

In 1995, Mercedes-Benz introduced its commercial vehicle Sprinter, which steered the commercial vehicle world and quickly became a reference model. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which started to be sold for the first time in the Turkish market in 1996, celebrates that it has been on Turkish roads for 2021 years as of 25.

While safety has been determined as the basic component of the vehicle concept from the very first development stage, the Sprinter has always aimed to be the leader of its class from the day it started to be produced. The Sprinter is home to car-like driving characteristics, advanced technologies such as ABS and airbags, and the latest digital driver assistance systems. Setting the standards in the commercial vehicle world, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter continues to raise the bar even higher with its third generation.

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Tufan Akdeniz, Member of the Executive Board of Mercedes-Benz Turkish Light Commercial Vehicles; “In our journey that has filled a quarter of a century with our Sprinter model, which we have been selling in different combinations since 1996; we have always aimed to bring together the best security, comfort and the most appropriate operating cost with our customers. Thanks to the high quality we offer with Sprinter, especially in the field of passenger transportation, we have become a prominent brand in the fields of tourism and school bus services. The fact that the most preferred vehicle in passenger transportation for the last few years is the Sprinter proves this. While passenger transportation companies expanded their business with Sprinter, passengers traveled with peace of mind. In our journey with Sprinter, we have been shown as an example on a global basis with the superstructure works we have carried out in Turkey in cooperation with Arobus since 2007. We continue our journey to the future by continuing to develop the 'tailor made' Sprinter in line with the wishes and needs of our customers and passengers in every field.” said.

Comprehensive security technologies starting with the first Sprinter

Sprinter met the roads of Turkey for the first time in 1996 with its comprehensive safety features not offered in any other commercial vehicle. Safety equipment such as disc brakes on each wheel, standard ABS braking system, automatic brake differential, optional driver airbag, three-point seat belts with height adjustment and seat belt buckles fixed to the seat were offered to Sprinter users. Offering an extremely comfortable suspension and car-like driving characteristics, the Sprinter allowed the driver to maintain focus for longer, thanks to its more relaxed and stress-free driving. This means safer driving. Thanks to this, the Sprinter became famous as the “Safe Commercial Vehicle”.

The development of the first generation Sprinter continued unabated. As part of the make-up implemented in 2000, the Sprinter was equipped with much more powerful headlights, while Mercedes-Benz continued to improve the safety of the Sprinter. While the driver airbag is being offered as standard equipment, the front passenger airbag has started to be included in the optional equipment list. The large double airbag offered could protect two passengers in the dual front passenger seat at the same time.

The driver's cockpit has also been reinterpreted to further improve handling. The cockpit has a similar appearance to automobile cockpits, while the gear lever is positioned higher, closer to the driver and just at hand. The new position of the gear lever, which supports ergonomics, also contributed to driving safety.

With ESP offered in standard equipment, Sprinter once again set the standards in 2002

The Sprinter was updated once again in 2002. ESP, offered in the standard equipment of the Sprinter and actively supporting the driver in critical driving conditions, was a revolution in safety technologies in the commercial vehicle world. Two years after this development, ESP began to be offered as standard equipment on all Sprinter models up to 3.5 tons. As a result of this, in the following years, a significant decrease was observed in the number of traffic accidents due to “Over-the-road”.

ADAPTIVE ESP introduced with the second generation Sprinter arriving in 2006

Innovative approaches and solutions at Sprinter continued unabated. The second generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which started to hit the roads in 2006, also showed this. With the second generation, the transport volume has increased significantly. In addition, the comfort level has been increased significantly with a new transverse leaf spring produced on the front axle and a new parabolic spring on the rear axle. After a short time, with the addition of the air suspension system to the product range, driving safety and driving comfort were also moved forward. The more comfortable Sprinter allowed the driver to stay fit and focused for longer on long distance rides.

With ADAPTIVE ESP, the system adapts itself to different load conditions or different body types thanks to mass and center of gravity detection, and works even more precisely in critical driving conditions. Launch Assist, an optional extension of ESP, prevents unintentional roll-back when starting uphill.

Additional adjustable wide-angle mirrors in the new exterior mirrors provide the best possible rearward vision, while a static cornering light is also available on the second-generation Sprinter as optional equipment. Thanks to rain and light sensors, the windshield wipers and headlights can turn on and off automatically. An impressive braking performance emerged with the large diameter discs filling the 16-inch wheels offered to support driving safety. In addition to the front airbags, thorax airbags began to be offered in the Sprinter.

While ESP gained a new function with trailer stability in 2009, Mercedes-Benz also started to offer adaptive taillights. Along with the heated side mirrors, the wide-angle mirrors also illuminated the road better with defoggers and lower-positioned fog lights. With the optional automatic transmission, the launch assistant is now also available.

2013: Added revolutionary driver assistance systems

With the new Sprinter, new driving assistance systems were introduced in 2013, some of which were first in the light commercial vehicle world. One of them was the crosswind assistant. This function almost completely balances the effects of the crosswind on the vehicle within the physical possibilities. This function, which is standard on all box body types, soon began to be offered in different Sprinter superstructure solutions such as caravans.

Apart from the Collision Prevention Assist (COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST), the distance warning function and the adaptive brake assist Brake Assist Pro, it consists of an additional warning function against the potential risk of sudden collision. Blind Spot Assist warns the driver of vehicles in the adjacent lane, that is, in the driver's blind spot, when changing lanes. Lane Keeping Assistant monitors the road and road lanes and warns the driver if the vehicle unintentionally leaves the lane. High Beam Assistant automatically adjusts the switching between low and high beam depending on the road and driving conditions, ensuring optimum illumination of the road at all times. The system almost completely avoids dazzling oncoming or forward vehicle drivers.

With all these driving support systems, Mercedes-Benz continued to lead the safety technologies of the commercial vehicle world. All these new driving assistance systems help prevent accidents. The brand's measures to improve driving safety also include the chassis. Lowering the chassis by 30 mm significantly improves driving dynamics and steering precision, thanks to a lower center of gravity, while making the "Safe Sprinter" even safer.

2018: Third generation Sprinter takes security even further

The third generation Sprinter, which was shown for the first time in 2018, was offered for sale on the roads of Turkey as of May 2019, with the slogan "Sprinter Suits You". Bringing a different dimension to its segment with its technological features, the New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter; It was offered with more than 3 combinations in 1.700 main options: Minibus, Panel Van and Pickup Truck. In the first stage, the rules of comfortable and reliable transportation have been redefined in the new Sprinter Minibus with seat options from 13+1 to 22+1, USB ports for each seat row in the renewed passenger seats, renewed air conditioning system and “Active Brake Assistant”.

Setting the standards in the field of safety in all its generations, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter set the bar again in its current generation, which started to be sold as of 2019. Electronic assistants such as the distance tracking system DISTRONIC, “Active Brake Assist”, “Active Lane Keeping Assist” and fatigue warning “ATTENTION ASSIST” support the driver in driving safety. In addition to these equipment, the "Reversing Camera" that transfers the image to the interior rear view mirror, the modern parking aid with 360-degree viewing angle and the integrated "Rain Type Wiper System" that provides maximum visibility during windshield wiping, new driving support with the new generation Sprinter. presented as systems.

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