Massey Ferguson Launches New Intelligent Machines and Digital Services

massey ferguson launches new smart machines and digital services
massey ferguson launches new smart machines and digital services

AGCO's worldwide brand Massey Ferguson met with farmers from all over the world at the “Born to Farm” event. At the event, which is a farming celebration, 7 new agricultural smart machines and new digital services designed by Massey Ferguson in line with the demands and needs of the farmers were introduced. Thierry Lhotte, Vice President Europe and Middle East, said in a statement on new agricultural machinery and services that Massey Ferguson has always been a family business passionate about helping other family entrepreneurs such as farmers and dealers.

“The Born to Farm event raises an issue that makes strong sense to the world compared to many other businesses; Contributing to sustainable and quality food production for the growing population”.

Global Full-Line product portfolio

With the introductions of new products and services at the Born to Farm event, Massey Ferguson has announced that it continues to deliver on its full product portfolio offensive launched in 5 with the “MF Growing Together 2017″ Plan.

Thierry Lhotte said, “Now these products are around us. The all-new Massey Ferguson simple and reliable full line of sustainable smart machines has now come to life. And in fact, starting from 2019, by the end of this year, 90% of our entire product range will be renewed. “Pragmatic innovations like technology-related services from MF, Precision Agriculture, MF Monitoring Center and secure data exchange – are key steps in our journey to deliver smart machines and connected services to increase farms' operational productivity, efficiency and sustainable growth.”

Emphasizing that all product and service development efforts are about making smart machines accessible and easy to use for more farmers around the world, Lhotte continued:

“Our new machines and digital services offer a simple and reliable experience that delivers the best value for farmers. All powered by a range of “farmer's first” design features and connected to a secure digital ecosystem that provides a range of services to deliver actionable and predictive data that enables any farming business to make better decisions with: 100% machine uptime, operation and sustainable profitability with lower costs and lower environmental impact.”

Global “Farmers First” approach, farmers are always at the center

According to the information received from the field, farmers want a personalized experience and machines and services that meet their individual needs. They attach importance to being in close contact with their dealers in their regions and to have direct access to the brand. Farmers also want pragmatic innovations and technologies to make their farming operations easier and more profitable. Massey Ferguson, which is in constant contact with farmers and identifies their needs, develops its machinery and services accordingly.

Massey Ferguson Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales Enablement and Product Partnerships, Francesco Murro, explains their so-called "Farmers First - Farmer's priority" approach: "Farmers are at the center of everything we do, but all farms have different needs. Therefore, they need products and services that are suitable for their business”.

Murro continued as follows; “In our global approach to new smart machines and digital services, we leverage our broad and diverse global client base, which has allowed us to incorporate all client requirements into our projects from day one. We always focus on Agriculture 4.0, the European Green Environment Agreement and sustainability by looking at the long-term trends occurring in our sector.”

Massey Ferguson offers farmers services that leverage technology for sustainable agriculture

Consumers today not only look at the price tag, but also want more transparency about where their food comes from and how it's produced. Consumers now want new sustainable practices in agriculture, improved animal living conditions, water resource management and less pesticides and fertilizers.

For this reason, farmers need to look from the perspective of consumers and show that they are part of the solution in terms of sustainable practices in agriculture. At this point, Massey Ferguson aims to offer farmers pragmatic solutions for sustainable agriculture.

The concept of general sustainability, which has been widely discussed recently, has also become part of the expectations of Massey Ferguson customers. The workshops titled “Voice of the Customer” hosted by Massey Ferguson show that farmers are very interested in connected technologies and precision agriculture due to lower inputs, increased yields and maximum fleet uptime. Farmers also need to demonstrate that they are reducing their environmental impact in order to comply with their contracts, which demand full traceability of fully sustainable farming practices.

The MF New Age is designed not only about machines and how they can have a lower environmental impact, but also about what's going on around them, helping farmers grow their business sustainably, maximize uptime, lower total cost of operation. will include services.

Farming is now much more convenient and efficient with “MF Connect Telemetry”

“MF Connect Telemetry”, one of Massey Ferguson's technology-enabled services, supports farmers and fleet owners by providing direct reliability. A predictive system, MF Connect maximizes uptime, making farming much more convenient and efficient. This system seamlessly transfers the data of the farmer to the desktop or mobile phone application of the farm office via a secure cloud so that the farmer is informed about the location, fuel consumption, refueling need and conditions of the agricultural machine he is using. This assists the farmer or farm in the planning process.

Need for service and repair is identified before a potential problem occurs

If the farmer approves, this data can also be transferred to the new Beauvais MF Monitoring Centre, where the MFtechnical service team and the MF local dealer can identify warnings of potential service or repair needs before any major issues arise.

It is possible to take this further in predictive maintenance and service makes the difference in making machine fleets more efficient, such as remotely managing parts availability.

The MF Connect service is available as a standard 6-year subscription on all MF 5-cylinder tractors and MF IDEAL series combines, and optionally on all other compatible tractors and combines.

In addition, MF has the “MF Always Running” program, which is offered to its customers with 1.000 tractors ready for use in eight markets in Europe. This program includes the service of providing a replacement machine that allows farmers to continue their work without interruption.

New Precision Agriculture and Digital packages supporting sustainable practices

As part of its sustainability services, Massey Ferguson is introducing new pragmatic precision agriculture solutions such as the “MF Guide”, “MF Section and MF Rate Control” that organize easy-to-adjust tracking or pivot path lines and recipe maps. All of these are part of the new Datatronic 5 and Fieldstar 5 terminals and come with a revamped easy-to-use interface.

The use of these systems means less fuel consumption, less time, input and fatigue. To observe this, field tests of 100 hectares were conducted at AGCO's Future Farm in Switzerland. In these tests, the use of a precisely specified “Guidance and Division Control” package for applications such as planting, tillage, fertilizing, plant care and harvesting resulted in savings of approximately €5.000 per year.

MF Task Doc makes it easy to document sustainable practices

“Task Doc Pro”, one of MF's sustainability solutions, makes it easier for farmers to document their sustainability practices. With Task Doc Pro, all working data is transferred wirelessly to the FMIS system of the farm using the system and through the Agrirouter secure cloud and transmitted to the farmers' trusted partners. This provides farmers with timely access to their preferred partners, such as agronomists, allowing management of multi-brand fleets, as well as making data-driven decisions to increase efficiency.

Task Doc Pro also allows working on application maps, optimizing production processes and increasing efficiency, among other benefits. Thus, strong documentation and evidence is provided when applying for local subsidies, including the “Agriculture 4.0” section of the EU Green Environment Agreement.

Jérôme Aubrion, Senior Manager, Product Management Marketing Leaders, Massey Ferguson Europe and Middle East; “Farmers and contractors will appreciate that a significant number of these Smart Farming and Connected services are available as standard as part of cost-effective packages, increasing accuracy, reducing operating costs, allowing them to choose the exact solution that meets their needs,” he says.

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