Northern Forests Published Threat Destruction Report

northern forests has issued a threat destruction report
northern forests has issued a threat destruction report

The Northern Forests Research Association has published the "Northern Forests Threat Destruction Report", which it has prepared with the aim of revealing the threats and destruction factors to the Northern Forests and the damages they cause to the forest ecosystem.

In the report, “Northern Forests are the only source of water, breath and life for dozens of cities, towns and villages, especially in Istanbul, on the other hand, their limited resources are rapidly consumed by rent-based neoliberal production and urban growth policies. Without exception, all locations, all sub-ecosystems, and all Important Natural Areas (KBA) of the Northern Forests geography are under the occupation and destruction of international capital-supported / partnered companies, especially the construction, energy, mining and forestry industries.

Elements that destroy and threaten the Northern Forests

In the report, which underlined that all areas of the Northern Forests geography, without exception, are occupied by international capital-supported/partnered companies, it was noted that there were more than 30 destruction elements in the region, and the following order was made:

  •  Mega Rent Projects (Third Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway, Third Airport and complementary transportation projects (Metro line etc.), Canal Istanbul, Çanakkale Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge and Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway)
  • Power Plants (Thermal Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plant, Wind Power Plants (WPP), Geothermic Power Plants (GPP), Hydroelectric Power Plants (HES)
  • Dams
  • Mining Activities
  •  Industrial Activities
  • Garbage Facilities, Excavation Dump Sites
  • Coastal and Marine Destruction
  • Forest fire
  • Tourism Activities
  • Water Companies
  • Law and regulation changes
  • Hunting Activities and Wildlife Destruction
  • Construction and Construction Activities
  • Opening of Agricultural Areas to Construction
  • Infrastructure Activities
  • Russian Natural Gas Line Project 'Turkish Stream'
  • Forestry Industry
  • Climate Crisis
  • Plucked forest areas – Habitat loss/fragmentation
  • Stray Animals Abandonment
  • treasure hunting

In the report in which the destruction and threat elements are explained one by one, FROM HERE you can reach. (green newspaper)

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