Weekend Work on Kuruçeşme Tram Line

Weekend work on Kurucesme tram line
Weekend work on Kurucesme tram line

As part of the Akçaray tram line, which will be extended from Plajyolu to Kuruçeşme, road widening works continue in order to provide transportation from the D-100 Highway İzmit western toll booths area, the Yazıhaneler location. In this context, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality teams laid asphalt on the section right next to the road that goes to the highway Izmit western toll booths. The teams continued their work over the weekend.


In the project, which will bring the Akçaray Tram Line to Kuruçeşme, the construction of the bridge for the tram line continues, while the superstructure works within the scope of the new road layout continue at an intense pace. With the work carried out this weekend by the teams of the Department of Science Affairs, 700 tons of wear asphalt layer was laid on the road leading to the highway Izmit west toll booth. Within the scope of the work, 300 tons of asphalt will be laid on the single-lane road used at the entrance to the highway on weekdays.


The old road, which is the route of the tram line (currently the D-100 Highway, which goes towards Kuruçeşme lights), is being expanded and turned into 4 lanes. After the completion of the new road, the old route will be closed. Vehicle traffic to Kuruçeşme will be provided by the new road built in the western toll booths area. The tram line will pass through the existing road. The new road (currently used at the entrance to the highway) will be divided into two, from the area where the toll booths are located, towards the D-4 and Motorway directions. Vehicles traveling in the direction of Istanbul will be able to continue on the highway at the junction, whether they want to, or on the D-100 without being stuck at the traffic lights in the region. With the new tram bridge to be built, citizens in the settlement between the new road and the D-100 will be able to reach Kuruçeşme, Istanbul and Izmit by side roads.


The existing Akçaray Tram Line will be connected to Kuruçeşme by passing from Plajyolu Station to the opposite side of D-100 upon completion of the works. In order to provide this transition, a tram overpass with a length of 290 meters and a length of 9 legs and 8 spans is being built.


Two modern pedestrian overpass bridges are being built in front of the private hospital and Izmit High School at the entrance of Kuruçeşme. Within the scope of the project in which the old overpasses in the region will be demolished, the foot foundations of the 59-meter-long pedestrian overpass to be built in front of the private hospital were laid. Foot foundation works of the 52-meter-long overpass, which will be built in front of Izmit High School, have started. The production of modern bridges, which will be built from steel, continues in the factory environment.


With the completion of the Kuruçeşme tram line, the length of the Akçaray tram line will reach a double line of 10 thousand 212 meters. The single-line length of the tram will reach 3 kilometers, with a 23,4-kilometer single-line warehouse area. With Kuruçeşme station, the number of stops will reach 16.

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