Public Transportation for New University Students in Konya 3 Days Free

public transportation day is free for new university students in konya
public transportation day is free for new university students in konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality offers significant conveniences in public transportation for students over 65 and disabled citizens and students who have successfully started their education at Konya universities by passing the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS).

University students who come to the city for the first time by enrolling in universities in Konya can use the student cards given to them by their schools directly as Elkart on buses and trams belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality. Students can also benefit from public transportation free of charge for 3 days from the first use. After the end of their free rights, students can continue to use their cards with the student tariff by loading the balance or subscription from Elkart dealers and Elkart web page.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality sends their cards to their addresses by courier upon the request of those who make their Elkart applications through the address “”. Also; Citizens over 65 and disabled citizens are also provided with convenience in this regard. Elkart's are delivered free of charge to the people over 65 years old and disabled people who apply online for the first time to get Elkart.

Detailed information about internet applications and other Elkart applications can be accessed from the address “”, the Smart Public Transportation System, which provides great convenience in public transportation, from the addresses of “” or the Konya Mobile Application.

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