Book Surprise on Trams in Konya

Book Surprise on Trams in Konya
Book Surprise on Trams in Konya

In order to contribute to the increase in reading habits due to the World Reading Day, Konya Metropolitan Municipality gave books to the citizens in the trams, the newly opened Nostalgia Tram Cafe and the bicycle tram. Konya Metropolitan also sends books to young people across the city as gifts on their birthdays.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which surprises the people of Konya with a book in order to raise awareness on the World Reading Day celebrated on September 8 every year, is at the trams operating between Selcuk University and Alaaddin Hill, Turkey's first bicycle tram and the newly opened Nostalgia Tramvay Café in Kültürpark. He donated books to the people.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay drew attention to the importance of reading books and said, “Our Konya is the city where the most libraries are visited. In order to contribute to the development of reading culture in our city on World Reading Day, we gave books to our citizens on trams, bicycle trams and tram cafes. I congratulate all my Konya citizens on the World Reading Day.” said.

Citizens who bought the books of Turkey's favorite authors, stated that they were very happy and thanked Konya Metropolitan Municipality for this meaningful gift.


According to TUIK data, Konya stands out as the city that uses public libraries the most in Turkey. While there are many libraries in the city; Konya Metropolitan Municipality also sends books as gifts to young people between the ages of 7-18 in the city on their birthdays.



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