Comfort, Functionality and Extraordinary Design Meet in the New Citroen C5 X

comfort, functionality and extraordinary design meet in the new citroen c x
comfort, functionality and extraordinary design meet in the new citroen c x

📩 12/09/2021 12:39

Citroën, the manufacturer of uniquely designed models, continues to shape the automotive world with the innovative cars it develops and to bring together the most ideal options with automobile enthusiasts. Offering models that will meet the needs, tastes and new trends of the era, Citroën introduced the design details of its new model C5 X, which makes a difference with its design lines.

The C3 X, which emerged with a balanced blend of 5 different body types, sedan, station wagon and SUV, is offered for those who expect both versatility and modernity from a car. The attractively designed C5 X, which has a unique character and evokes the urge to travel in its user, is preparing to rewrite the rules of the game in the automobile world by revealing Citroën's innovative philosophy. C5 X; With its strong stance, high driving position, large luggage volume of 545 liters, environmental-friendly structure, robustness, aerodynamic structure and high-level ergonomics, it responds to all expectations by offering a use in accordance with today's people's desire for versatile living.

Offering comfortable, technological and innovative cars, Citroën has revealed the design features of its innovative model C5 X, which will change the balance in the automotive world and D segment. Created by a balanced blend of 3 different segments, sedan, station wagon and SUV, the C5 X draws attention with its design suitable to meet the needs of the era. The new C5 X, which appeals to those who expect versatility from a car such as high-level aesthetics, modernity, environmentalism and functionality at the same time, arouses the desire to travel with its design. The new C5 X, designed by taking into account the changing trends and differing living standards of today's car users, responds to many needs as a large-volume tourer segment. C5 X, which has been implemented with a philosophy that keeps up with the multi-faceted life impulse of changing societies; With its appearance, it both appeals to the emotions and stands out as a car that meets functional requirements. Combining the design elements of different body types belonging to the D segment with balanced body proportions, the C5 X; It embodies the elegance of the sedan, the functionality of the station wagon and the modern powerful look of the SUV.



Strong and attractive exterior design details

In the C5 X, which is preparing to be the new flagship of Citroën; The round muscular design combined with aerodynamic and elegant lines reveals a fluid, dynamic and elegant form that brings together the best aspects of all three segments. Thanks to its high-level ergonomics and lines, the car offers distinctive qualities in the sedan class. profile of the C5 X; With its large wheels and a high ground clearance, it offers a higher driving position than conventional sedan models. In this respect, it exhibits SUV characteristics. In the C5 X, where the design language of Citroën's larger vehicles is seen; The long engine hood, high shoulder line and wide rear fenders that support a strong stance draw attention at first glance. The flat and thick belts on the fender arches further strengthen the character of the vehicle. The 720 mm diameter wheels are complemented by 19-inch large-diameter, but thin-bottomed tires and Aero X alloy wheels. Starting from the lower point of the A-pillar and extending along the roofline, the chrome strip also emphasizes the silhouette of the C5 X. The matte black protective coatings under the body of the C5 X, on the other hand, strengthen the SUV connotation with a sense of durability and confidence.

C5 X; It presents a strong and bold appearance with its V-shaped lighting signature on the front, which represents Citroën's new identity. Exhibiting a confident and distinctive look with chrome and glossy black accents, the Citroën logo at the front integrates with LED daytime running lights above and LED headlights below. With its long and horizontal form, the engine hood contains protrusions that are also applied in the C4 or C5 Aircross models. The uniquely designed lower air intake, highlighted with a chrome strip, hosts the main radar of the car's driving assistance systems. The roofline, which extends to the rear, also ends with a well-designed aerodynamic spoiler.



Stylish rear view integrates functionality

The rear of the C5 X stands out with a strong and elegant stance. The rounded rear lines characteristic of large Citroën models are also present in the C5 X. The upper spoiler and the flowing rear window visually lengthen the passenger compartment, giving the vehicle a strong and dynamic character. Details such as the metal lines around the license plate and bumper, the lower stripe pattern and the chrome trim around the reflectors emphasize the width of the vehicle. The sense of width of the car is further enhanced by the horizontally positioned 3D LED taillights, which are curved to both sides. It also underlines sportiness and dynamism by integrating with the shoulder line of the C5 X. The V-shaped taillight design complements the V lighting in the headlights, making it distinctive both day and night. The tailgate offers a wide opening and a low loading sill to facilitate daily life and luggage access. trunk offering a volume of 545 liters; As with many Citroën models such as the CX, C6 and XM, it is accentuated by a glossy black lower spoiler that is both aesthetic and practical.

C5 X's starting point; meeting expectations, adapting to the changing life!

Citroën executives state that while designing the C5 X, they considered all the dynamics of the changing world in social life and aimed to meet today's customer expectations. This change clearly shows itself when we look at the vehicle segmentation. While customers now want to use a vehicle that will ensure they are at the forefront of the road, they expect both style and integrated technologies to be included in the vehicle. Spaciousness, practicality, large loading volumes, robustness and versatility are the breakdowns of these expectations. The SUV class, which has replaced the sedan models that have fallen short of meeting consumer expectations for the last few years, offers users a more assertive look and more practical use. Within the scope of Statnet Stellantis' research; SUV vehicles are the body type with the highest share from the D segment in Europe in 29,3 with 2020%, followed by the station wagon body type with 27,5%. Sedan models, on the other hand, stand out as the vehicles that completed the year in the third place with 21,6. Similarly, in China, half of all registrations in the D segment in 2020 are SUV vehicles.

The direction of the world and the design language of cars are changing

Stating that the design features of the Citroën C5 X create a new spirit, Citroën CEO Vincent Cobee“With the C5 X, Citroën reinvigorates the spirit of touring, which expresses the ability to travel in an elegant car and start exploring the world,” he says. Blending the best aspects of a number of different body types in a rapidly changing world, Citroën aims to meet new customer expectations with the C3 X, which is located at the intersection of 5 segments.

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