Do Collagen Pills Really Work?

do collagen pills really work
do collagen pills really work

Dr.Yüksel Büküşoğlu: “Oral collagen supplements cannot be used as 'collagen' as they are first taken into the body after passing through the digestive system.” he said.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and gives vitality, youth, vitality and freshness to the skin. As the body produces less collagen with age, the skin becomes less flexible over time. For this reason, collagen supplements are attracting more and more attention every day in order to have a wrinkle-free, lively, fresh and younger looking skin. However, today there are some doubts about the fact that oral collagen pills increase the body's collagen levels!

Known for his work on skin and joint treatments with stem cells, Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu said: “Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, consisting of 19 different amino acids. It makes up one-third of all body proteins. It is the most important component of the connective tissue that holds our body together and provides its flexibility. It holds all tissues and organs together like glue. Collagen is the basic substance that protects the body structure and has very important tasks in different tissues for the body to continue its activities.

With age, collagen begins to decrease in the body. To prevent this, the intake of collagen supplements has become a trend recently. However, there has been some controversy recently in the scientific world about the intake of collagen via oral pills.

If you take collagen as a dietary supplement via the pill;

Since one of the functions of the digestive system is to break down the proteins and ensure that they enter the blood circulation as amino acids, this collagen, which enters the digestive system, is also broken down into amino acids and participates in the blood circulation. In short, once it enters the digestive system, collagen does not remain as collagen. For this reason, there is no validity and guarantee that the collagen taken orally as a food supplement will be added to the blood circulation as collagen and will be used as collagen in the tissues of the body and on your skin.

If the amino acids that enter the blood circulation after the collagen is digested can be synthesized again as collagen, only when the body's first need for protein is collagen. In order to do this, the amino acids that make up the collagen are used. In short, there are scientific opinions that think that oral collagen supplement pills are of no use other than the supplementation of certain dietary amino acids.

Numerous scientific publications emphasize that collagen supplements are not harmful. However, there are also opinions that think that taking the amino acids that make up collagen through a healthy and natural diet and nutrition is a much more logical and much cheaper way. So, collagen supplements seem to be a current trend based on very little scientific evidence. Fortunately, there is no known harm in taking collagen supplements.

Besides, there are several ways to maintain and increase collagen levels in the body. Protein-rich foods such as eggs, bone broth, offal, dairy products, fish, shellfish, poultry, and meat provide amino acids and nutritional cofactors that increase collagen production in the body. Foods rich in vitamin C and zinc are very important in terms of collagen synthesis in the body. It is also very important not to smoke, not eat too much sugar and refined carbohydrates, adequate sleep and exercise levels, and avoid excessive sun and ultraviolet rays.

Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu “If you have started to see wrinkles on your skin, if you have started to have problems in your joints or if you need damage repair in the body such as wound healing, there is no harm in taking collagen food supplement pills. However, consuming plenty of quality protein, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as being protected from excessive sun rays seem to be a much more rational, healthy and economical way to get the same benefits.

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