Good News for Caravan Enthusiasts! Caravan Park Opened at Kurtboğazı Dam and Blue Lake

Good news for caravan lovers, Kurtbogazi Dam and Caravan Park Opened in Blue Gold
Good news for caravan lovers, Kurtbogazi Dam and Caravan Park Opened in Blue Gold

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality implemented the Kurtboğazı Dam and the Caravan Park project in Blue Lake and signed a new project that will put a smile on the face of nature lovers. At the first stage, all the basic needs of the visitors in the Kurtboğazı Dam and the Caravan Park areas serving at the Blue Lake were also considered.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities for tourism without interruption. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed a new study, completed the 'Caravan Park' project in a short time in order to spread the caravan tourism, which has increased interest recently, and to make the capital a frequent destination for caravans.

Caravan Park, whose project studies were completed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department, started to serve in Kurtboğazı Dam and Blue Lake.


Caravan Park was created on an area of ​​approximately 6 square meters for Kurtboğazı Dam, which was designed by the Environmental Protection and Control Department, and on an area of ​​approximately 500 thousand square meters at Mavi Göl.

In the Caravan Park project, where all the facilities are provided for the visitors, there are 28 caravan parks, green space for each caravan, clean water, electricity, social facilities, security and parking area. It is aimed that the project will both contribute to tourism and stimulate the local economy.


Caravan Park, which has attracted the attention of caravan enthusiasts in a short time, is preparing to become one of the most popular tourism venues of the Capital.

Citizens who went to the Kurtboğazı Dam area with their caravans gave full marks to the Karavan Park project and expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

- Moses Thoroughly: “I came with my caravan and I benefit from nature. I already know about Kurtboğazı Dam. This place has been idle for 20 years. I got so emotional seeing it like this, it's so beautiful. There are all kinds of services. I'm so excited and clean. I am very grateful to the President Mansur. There are all kinds of services from the fountain to the toilet forehead. We are in the green and nature, what more does a camper want.”

-Semih Ozcu: “I am very pleased with the Caravan Park built here. It has facilities such as electricity and water that we cannot see in most camping areas. This place made us very happy. I would like to express my gratitude for these services rendered to Kurtboğazı Dam.”



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