İzmir Historical Alsancak Tekel Factory Will Become the New Center of Culture and Arts

izmir historical alsancak monopoly factory will be the new center of culture and art
izmir historical alsancak monopoly factory will be the new center of culture and art

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said that the historical Alsancak Tekel Factory in İzmir will be turned into an artistic attraction center.

Participating in the Promotion Meeting of the Transformation of the İzmir Alsancak Tekel Factory into a Culture-Art Complex, Minister Ersoy celebrated the 99th anniversary of the liberation of the city from the enemy occupation in his speech.

Minister Ersoy stated that as the Ministry, they carry out very meticulous studies on the protection of historical and cultural assets, and that the archaeological excavations carried out especially in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions are followed with great interest and they have unearthed many artifacts.

Stating that 40 percent of the trips in world tourism are made for cultural tourism, Minister Ersoy emphasized that they consider culture and tourism as a whole in terms of its contribution to the country and city economy.

Mentioning that the transformation project of the İzmir Alsancak Tekel Factory is also of great importance, Ersoy emphasized that with such projects, İzmir can gain an advantage in the race with world cities.

Stating that the Alsancak Tekel Factory is one of the important elements of the industrial heritage and that it has an important place in the memory of the people of Izmir with its 137-year history, Minister Ersoy noted that production was carried out at the factory until 2004.

Stating that a work has been started to transform the factory for culture and art and bring it to the city, Ersoy said, “It is aimed that the existing area will turn into an artistic attraction center of the city and become a space that brings together the resting areas and the citizens.” used the phrases.

Informing that the Tekel factory consists of 17 buildings on an area of ​​approximately 12 thousand square meters, Minister Ersoy said:

“The Tekel factory will get rid of the later additions and turn into a new culture and art complex that will guide the culture and art life of the city, where everyone can breathe with its green areas. We aim to create spaces where everyone from 20 to 7 will continue their cultural and artistic activities in the culture and art complex of approximately 70 thousand square meters.”

Stating that they will also establish a museum in the complex, Minister Ersoy stated that there will be more than 150 thousand books and magazines on Turkish world music in the specialized library they will establish.

A New Painting and Sculpture Museum Will Be Established

Reminding that the İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum was closed to visitors due to the earthquake that took place on October 30, 2020, Minister Ersoy said, “Hopefully, this culture and art complex that we will bring to İzmir will increase its current capacity by approximately There will also be a new Painting and Sculpture Museum that will double.” said.

Mentioning that there will be art workshops in the center, Minister Ersoy also stated that they will open a library and reading hall with a capacity of 20 thousand books with periodicals.

Noting that they have prepared an exemplary project that will contribute to artistic production with the workshops, Minister Ersoy said, "We aim to complete the project by December 2022 and put it at the service of all our people." said.

After the speech, Minister Ersoy and the accompanying delegation examined the Alsancak Tekel Factory.

İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger also attended the introductory meeting.

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