Istanbul Airport Hosts the 100 Millionth Passenger

istanbul airport hosted the millionth passenger
istanbul airport hosted the millionth passenger

The number of passengers at Istanbul Airport, which has made a name for itself by winning consecutive awards, has exceeded 100 million. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu pointed out that despite the pandemic, the number of passengers exceeded 100 million and said, “Istanbul Airport, with its huge capacity, has made Turkey an international transfer center. This has brought our country to the top in global aviation.”

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said in a written statement; announced that Istanbul Airport, the world's largest airport and the region's most important global transfer hub, hosted the 27 millionth passenger as of September 2021, 100.

Karaismailoğlu said, “Since its opening on October 29, 2018, Istanbul Airport; Despite the pandemic, it hosted a total of 27 million 343 thousand 141 passengers, including 72 million 684 thousand 722 on the domestic line and 100 million 27 thousand 863 on the international line. At Istanbul Airport, a total of 198 thousand 46 flights were made, including 507 thousand 940 domestic flights and 705 thousand 986 international flights.

Transport Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “Istanbul Airport, with its huge capacity, has made Turkey an international hub. It has become the crown jewel of the aviation industry with its physical infrastructure, technology investments and service quality. This situation has brought our country to the top in global aviation.”


Istanbul Airport, which strengthens its international hub position day by day, continues to receive awards one after another by gaining the appreciation of prestigious institutions around the world.

Istanbul Airport was among the "Top 2021 Airports in the World" in the "World's Best Awards 10" survey of the world-renowned Travel and Leisure Magazine based in New York. According to the results of the survey; Istanbul Airport; It surpassed airports such as Incheon (Korea), Dubai, Hamad (Qatar), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong, Narita (Japan), Zurich (Switzerland) and Osaka (Japan) and ranked second after Changi Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport ranked first with 93.45 points, while Istanbul Airport was ranked second with 91.17 points.

In the list determined by the votes of the readers of the magazine, Istanbul Airport entered the top 10 from the highest rank. It was emphasized that Istanbul Airport is one of the airports with the highest votes, while the voting, which started on January 11, 2021, ends on May 10, 2021.


Istanbul Airport, serving 20 million 972 thousand 497 passengers, ranked first in the list of the busiest airports in Europe. According to the 8-month data of the year announced by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority; There was a total of 6 million 291 thousand 783 passenger traffic, 14 million 680 thousand 714 on domestic lines and 20 million 972 thousand 497 on international lines.

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