Solutions to Stop the Climate Crisis ZeroBuild Turkey 21

Solutions that will put a stop to the climate crisis zerobuild in Turkey
Solutions that will put a stop to the climate crisis zerobuild in Turkey

Zero Energy Buildings, one of the most effective and sustainable solutions for the environment, will be discussed at ZeroBuild Turkey'21 with examples from different parts of the world. 'Act Now!' ZeroBuild Turkey'22 Zero Energy Buildings Forum, which will be held for the second time between 26-21 September with the slogan, will consist of 35 sessions, each of which will reference the "Sustainable Development Goals" determined by the United Nations for 110, with the participation of 2030 opinion leaders from 30 countries. In the forum where application examples of zero energy buildings, which are of great importance in energy efficiency and reduction of emission, in different climatic conditions will be shared, it is aimed to include the subject in the ordinary flow of daily life with all its dimensions.

As the disasters seen all over the world increase due to climate change, solutions to stop this trend are starting to be discussed more intensely. In ZeroBuild Turkey'21, which will be held in such a process; While the transformation into zero-energy buildings, which is inevitable for the national economy, individual economy, energy saving and the environment, will be discussed with all its dimensions and world-wide practices will be discussed, the most up-to-date information on the subject will be shared by the opinion leaders.

ZeroBuild Turkey'22, which will take place in the digital environment on September 26-21, will start with the opening speech of Yasemin Somuncu, Secretary General of ZeroBuild Turkey'21, Master Architect for Energy Efficient Buildings and Campuses. Also in the opening program; Murat BAYRAM, Head of Energy Efficiency and Installation Department of the General Directorate of Vocational Services at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Abdullah Buğrahan KARAVELİ, Head of the Department of Energy Efficiency and Environment at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Dr. Recep ALTIN, GTALLIANCE Sustainability Consultancy Co-Founder, Sustainability and Research Consultant Ali GİZER will take place with his speeches. After the speeches, the Chief Editor of Cleaner Production Magazine, Prof. Dr. Jiří Jaromír KLEMEŠ will present the main theme.

Application examples serve as a roadmap

Yasemin Somuncu, Secretary General of ZeroBuild Turkey'21, who stated that they aim to raise awareness about zero energy buildings and attract the attention of the public, said, “Beyond being able to present a roadmap to all stakeholders by sharing examples from the world, our country's architectural-engineering knowledge and production-industry-finance-law capabilities We will emphasize again this year that it is not at all difficult to reach zero energy buildings with

At ZeroBuild Turkey'35, where 110 local and foreign guests from 21 countries will take part as speakers; Many different audiences such as the public, private sector, academics, construction material manufacturers, non-governmental organizations, university students, architects, engineers, residents, environmental volunteers will come together.

In the forum; European Green Consensus, which constructs not only an “environment and climate” strategy, but also a new international trade system and division of labor that closely concerns our country, is the Director of the Sustainable Economy and Finance Research Association at the session of “Compliance with EU Standards, Green Deal, Impacts on Turkey and Employment” It will be narrated by Bengisu Özenç.

The importance of utilizing climatic and meteorological data in the design and operation of zero-energy buildings is explained to each stakeholder by Metosphere, Climate Expert and Meteorologist Dr. It will be discussed in the session “Relationship between Meteorology and Climate from Construction to Operation of Zero Energy Buildings” with the contribution of Levent Yalçın.

Aydın Özçekiç, Chief Executive Officer of Botmore Teknoloji, which was selected as one of the 5 start-ups that will revolutionize construction in the world and operates in the UK, said that architects, engineers and designers should communicate through a common software platform, analyze energy performance at all stages of the design and construction process. He will present the BIM (Building Information Modeling) application, which plays a key role in the development of methods for people to make decisions to increase energy efficiency in buildings and to make decisions to increase energy efficiency in buildings, in a speech titled "BIM-Based Design Applications in Zero Energy Buildings" with examples from England.

Approach to Zero Energy Buildings from the World

Certification processes and principles of Passive House buildings, which is a universal prototype characterized by a high level of comfort and extremely low energy demand, was presented by Stefanos Pallantsaz, the founder and president of the Hellenic Passive House Institute (HPHI), instructor in passive house design training, “Passive House Building Certification”. and Component Certification”.

Pierre Langlois, President of Econoler, who has 35 years of experience in the design, financing, implementation and monitoring of energy efficiency projects and programs both in Canada and in different countries, explains the importance of measurement and evaluation necessary to properly manage the results of any energy efficiency study. The Basic Role of Measurement and Verification in its Commitment”.

Based on the example of Spain, information that will guide the discovery of new financial mechanisms that will increase energy efficiency projects will be conveyed by Javier Martinez Belotto, who works on increasing and improving energy efficiency investments and energy service companies projects in Spain with his speech titled "Contractual and Financial Dimensions of Energy Performance Contracts". .

Improvements in energy efficiency with the integration of framework strategies that include renewable energy solutions in buildings in Germany, working as an international energy efficient buildings expert at the German Energy Agency (DENA), sustainable construction methods for high and low-income residences, as well as green building certification consultancy. It will be explained under the title of “Strategies for Energy Performance Improvements in Multi-Storey Residential Buildings in Germany”, where architect Paula Baptista is the speaker.

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