IMM's Suspended Invoice Project is on the World's Agenda

ibb's pending invoice project is on the world agenda
ibb's pending invoice project is on the world agenda

IMM's 'Pending Invoice' project turned into a giant solidarity worth 41 million TL with the support of benefactors in Turkey. The number is increasing day by day. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe world also continues to show interest in the goodness movement announced by . The project received its 6th Award from the USA.

The amount of water, electricity and natural gas bills paid in the pending invoice project reached 41 million TL. The amount of bills taken from the hangers of Istanbulites who were in trouble exceeded 280 thousand.

The 'Pending Invoice' project, implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), against the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic, continues to increase the interest of the benefactors. As of May 2020, when the project was implemented, the amount of invoices paid reached 280 million TL, corresponding to 41 thousand invoices. The solidarity solidarity initiated by the IMM with the Suspended Invoice; By expanding its scope with 'Family Support Package', 'Mother-Baby Support Package' and 'Education Support Packages', it continues to bring together the needy with charitable citizens.


The 'Pending Invoice' project, implemented by the IMM Department of Information Processing (CC), continues to make an impact in the world. Finally, the project received its 6th award at the event where the digital innovation projects organized by the US-based IDC were highlighted. The pending invoice project was previously in the category of 'Good Practice' in Europe in the Good Practices Symposium organized by the Southeastern Europe Network of Local Government Associations (NALAS); In the 'Business Development' category of the IDC CIO 2020 awards; In the 'Social Impact / Covid-19 Studies' category of the Sustainable Business Awards; It was awarded in both the IT Cost Efficiency and 'Business Enablement' categories of the IDC CIO 2021 awards.


The Suspended Invoice project received its final award from the USA. Speaking at the session on The Brige to Colloboration (collaboration bridge) of the award ceremony held online, Erol Özgüner of the IMM Information Processing Department (CC) said that the number of families in need of social assistance before the pandemic increased by six times and reached 250 thousand. After his speech, Özgüner received the 'digital innovation of the future' award on behalf of İBB.

The campaigns led by the IMM can be accessed from the website ​​and pending invoices can be paid.

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