Historical Remains Bridge Restores Its Old Glory

historical ruins bridge regained its former glory
historical ruins bridge regained its former glory

Aksaray Mayor Dr. Works on the Historical Remains Bridge, where restoration works were initiated with the initiatives of Evren Dinçer, have been completed.

Aksaray Municipality, which works in many parts of the city to reveal the natural, historical and cultural beauties of Aksaray, has restored the historical Kalanlar Bridge to its former glory.

In order not to lose the architectural features of the historical bridge, which is one of the works of the Anatolian Seljuk period, a detailed examination was made and work was started. It was determined that the bridge, which is in the group of unidirectional inclined bridges, consists of four eyes with two large and two small pointed arches. The bridge, which was built of smooth cut and rough-hewn stone material, was renovated considering all the architectural features of the period.

With the initiatives of Mayor Evren Dinçer, work was started on the historical Kalanlar Bridge, which was restored in accordance with its original form.

Making evaluations about the restoration works carried out throughout the city, Mayor Dr. Evren Dinçer underlined that they are working in many parts of the city in order to protect the historical and cultural heritage of the city. He also announced that the Kalanlar Bridge has been restored in accordance with its historical texture. Announcing that the restoration works have started in the tombs and mansions throughout the city, as well as the historical Kalanlar bridge, Mayor Dr. Evren Dinçer used the following statements in his statement; “Our city has a history of 10 thousand years. From this deep historical past, there are many artifacts that our ancestors lived and built. We have started a restoration work in order to convey these works to future generations. Within the scope of the restoration works, we renewed the historical bridge in our Kalanlar District in accordance with its original. Artifacts to our city kazanSeljuk Sultans II. While our restoration works continue in Kılıçarslan's tomb and mansion, we also started work on the Şirin Baba tomb and Şeyh Hamza tombs in the Ervah Cemetery. We will unearth all the traces in the history of our city with the works we do in these places.'' He said.

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