Animal Lovers Will Meet at PET İzmir Fair

animal lovers will meet at pet izmir fair
animal lovers will meet at pet izmir fair

There are only a few days left for the PET İZMİR 2021 5th International İzmir Pet Products, Materials and Accessories Suppliers Fair, where animal lovers show great interest. The organization in which Turkey's distinguished 150 companies will take place in the pet sector will start on September 23. The country's largest organization in its field will last 4 days.

Stating that animal friends will show great interest in the organization for those who could not come together during the pandemic period, Aykut Karslı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tema Fuarcılık, said, "The demands of our citizens, who spend more time with their pets during the pandemic period, have increased from the pet sector. For this reason, we moved PET İZMİR to the C hall of Fuar İzmir, which has the highest ceiling and is larger than before.”

Considering the importance given to pets in Turkey, PET İZMİR Pet Product, Material and Accessory Suppliers Fair held their breath. The organization, which animal lovers are eagerly waiting for, will start on September 23. Nearly 150 distinguished companies in the pet sector of the country will participate in the fair hosted by Fair İzmir, with more than 500 brands. The organization, which will pay great attention to the pandemic rules, will last for 4 days.


Pointing out that PET İZMİR is the showcase of the sector, Tema Fuarcılık Chairman of the Board Aykut Karslı said, “PET İZMİR is the largest European leading organization of the pet sector in Turkey. Our participants, who are preparing for the fair with this awareness, bring their latest trends to their showcases. Both the quality of our exhibitors and the exclusivity of our visitors constantly raise the bar for our organization. Our citizens, who closed their homes during the pandemic period, were more interested in their pets. He had the opportunity to see their needs more closely. Demand from the industry has increased. For this reason, we moved our fair to Hall C, which has the highest ceiling and is bigger than its predecessor. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who announced the animal rights manifesto in our last organization Tunç Soyer announced that they would support to make the fair the largest in Europe. We are taking firm steps towards this goal.” Pet İzmir Tema Fuarcılık, which has made an impact in the international arena, will host more than 150 foreign visitors from many countries of the world this year with the purchasing committees. The fair, in which companies from abroad participate, also contributes significantly to Turkey's exports and the opening of the pet industry to the outside.


PET IZMIR, which will have participants from all over Turkey, will be open on September 23-26, 2021. The organization in Fair Izmir can be visited every day between 11:00 and 20:00. Many products and services such as pets, pet food, cages, clothes, care and training products, aquarium and aquarium products will be seen closely. Visitors who can get information from experts will be able to benefit from discount campaigns. Veterinarian Necati Vedat Ak will give a seminar on "First Aid in Pets". The Dog Breeds Federation will organize international competitions. Grooming Competitions will take place. Dog Garden dog show, İzmir Police Department Dog Training Center shows are among the most anticipated events. Ünye Maden is the main sponsor of the fair.

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