The New Formula of Staying Young and Beautiful Nucleophile DNA Radiance

The new formula of staying young and beautiful is the nucleophile DNA glow.
The new formula of staying young and beautiful is the nucleophile DNA glow.

Medical Esthetician Dr. Biran Ekici gave information about the subject. Externally used moisturizers are unfortunately insufficient to keep the skin young, and since aging actually starts in the subcutaneous tissues, we need to start moisturizing and nourishing the skin from the deep tissues. What Does Nucleophile DNA Flash Do? When Does Nucleophile DNA Light Show Its Effect? Who Is Nucleophile DNA Flash Suitable For? How is Nucleophile DNA Flash Applied?

The new generation mesotherapy application, Nucleophile DNA Radiance, is a medical skin care that works wonders at this point. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin from the inside, supports the production of collagen and thus ensures the rejuvenation and tightening of the skin.

At the same time, the medical aesthetic physician Dr. We talked to Biran Ekici.

“Skin care for us means the care, nutrition and saturation of the middle layer of the skin, and when we achieve this, the skin's vitality, shine and rejuvenation are easily achieved as a natural result. Therefore, applications in which we inject powerful ingredients under the skin such as mesotherapy, that is, beauty needles, youth vaccines, are our favorite procedures in medical aesthetics.

Of course, it is very valuable to use anti-aging serums and creams. But unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent the aging of the skin. Since even the highest quality serum cannot reach the skin, it cannot go beyond a certain level of effect. For this reason, the number of people who complain that very good serums cannot achieve the expected effect even though they use very expensive creams.

Nucleophile DNA Radiance is a polynucleotide cocktail ingredient containing very powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that we inject under the skin.

When we inject such a powerful component directly into the target tissues under the skin with mesotherapy, we realize the powerful and deep tissue care we dream of.

When the skin has an environment of intense humidity, everything starts working towards repairing the skin again, just like in youth. The skin is intensively producing collagen protein again. The fibroblast structure, which tightens the skin, tightens. The increase in volume under the skin is followed by tightening and expansion of the skin surface.

Always Young and Beautiful with Pure DNA Radiance

Stating that it is possible to stop the destructive effects of time thanks to the Nucleophile DNA Radiance, Dr. Biran Ekici continues her words with the formula of staying young and beautiful with the Nucleophile DNA Radiance, which is known as the pure DNA glow.

“Loss of moisture of the skin with aging and free radicals are two important reasons underlying the collapse of the skin. If we want the skin to be full, tense and vibrant as in youth, we must first ensure that the subcutaneous tissue is saturated with moisture, which is exactly what we do with Nucleophile DNA Radiance.

Antioxidants are our strongest weapon against free radicals, and as we age, the physical environment of the cell becomes more toxic under the skin, as in all tissues. Nucleophiles contain important and powerful antioxidants for the cell.

Nucleophile DNA Radiance is a powerful and effective formula that can meet these two important needs in anti-aging protection in a single application. Moreover, it is very easy to apply and has no side effects.

It is a great advantage that an effective skin care and rejuvenation system also has such pure and clean ingredients. Nucleophile DNA Glow is therefore one of the applications with high satisfaction for both physicians and patients.”

What Does Nucleophile DNA Flash Do?

Which treatments are possible with the Nucleophile DNA Radiance, which owes its benefits to its innumerable application to its genetically supported formula that provides regeneration at the cellular level. We continue listening from Biran Kesici…

“It really is, it works for so many things that the benefits are innumerable. Since it contains medicinal ingredients with high regeneration/restructuring properties at the cellular level, it has special forms used not only in skin care but also in strengthening hair and hair follicles. In addition, we should not forget the Nucleofil Eyes series, which focuses on the eye area.

We use Nucleophile DNA Radiance mostly to provide skin rejuvenation and anti-aging protection. It allows us to achieve intense moistening under the skin, opening of wrinkles and lifting.

At the same time, Nucleophile DNA Radiance, which strengthens the elasticity of the skin, tightens the skin, makes it look fuller and younger. Moreover, these effects are long lasting.

When Does Nucleophile DNA Light Show Its Effect?

Stating that Nucleophile DNA Radiance is a procedure that can be performed at any age, suitable for all skin types, medical aesthetic physician Dr. Biran Ekici underlines that it should be applied in the form of periodic maintenance consisting of at least 3 sessions and repeated every 6 months after the completion of the protocol, and adds:

“Nucleophile DNA Glow is an intensely structured formula and the treatment process is somewhat similar to this intensity. The effect of the vaccine occurs gradually, but this is a powerful and permanent transformation because the skin cell renews, repairs, restructures itself.

We can say that we need at least 2 months to see the final result. If the skin is very worn, this period may be a little longer, but it is definitely worth the wait.

It allows us to achieve a rejuvenation in mature skin that we are very pleased with, refreshes and rejuvenates younger skin and provides powerful anti-aging protection.”

Who Is Nucleophile DNA Flash Suitable For?

Giving the good news that anyone who is disturbed by the effects of aging on their skin can rejuvenate with Nucleophile DNA Sparkle, Dr. Biran Ekici reminds us that Nucleophile DNA Radiance is a skin rejuvenation, rejuvenation and anti-aging protection treatment.

“We think that very young skins do not need it, but I would like to state that sometimes when we encounter serious skin abrasions in the thirties, we confidently apply to this strong and pure formula.

It is possible to say that it is in the segment of formulas suitable for people after the age of thirty. However, another issue as important as the content in mesotherapy is the amount and application technique.

Nucleophile DNA Flash is a youth vaccine that is injected in a very small amount. Since we inject it deeply, it does not cause any trouble on the skin surface and nourishes and strengthens the deep tissues. This is always a need for all skins at any age.”

How is Nucleophile DNA Flashing Applied?

Finally, Dr. We received session details about the Nucleophile DNA Radiance application from Biran Ekici.

“The Nucleophile DNA Radiance session is a very short and extremely comfortable application that is completed within minutes, not counting the anesthesia. Anesthetic cream is applied 15 minutes before the procedure, then the content is injected under the skin with very fine needles, and the Nucleophile DNA Radiance application is completed.

It is possible to do it in the same session with Botox applications. After the application, you can continue your social life in the same way. It is possible to use it safely even in the summer season. Not only women but also men can be rejuvenated with Nucleophile DNA Radiance.
Finally, I would like to share that those who have nucleophilic DNA Radiance and many people who have tried many applications before but have not achieved the desired effect have often stated that they are not so satisfied with any skin resurfacing system.”

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