3 Mistakes When Using a French Press

French Press
French Press

Most coffee lovers do not look at the coffee made with the French press. Because they think that French press coffees are flavorless and weak-bodied. But with the French press, you can prepare very aromatic and full-bodied coffees. All you have to do for this is to stay away from the mistakes that we will list below!

Before moving on to the mistakes made while brewing filter coffee with the French press, we should say that you need a quality equipment to brew a good coffee. The body structure and design of the French press you will use should be successful so that the aroma and temperature of the coffees you listen to are preserved for a long time.

Mithra Coffee's French Press In your cup of aroma that you are addicted to with its varieties! You can choose the most suitable French press for your budget or kitchen among different types of French presses. Thus, you can reach bodied and aromatic coffees in very practical and inexpensive ways.

We can list the mistakes made while brewing coffee with the French press as follows:

  • Brewing coffee without heating the equipment is one of the most common mistakes. Of course, it is not a mandatory step. But if you warm the French press by rinsing it with hot water before brewing the coffee, the coffee will keep its temperature for a long time.
  • The blooming stage is one of the unknown or skipped stages. You can easily apply this step with the French press. Thus, the gases formed during the roasting phase of the coffee can easily be released.
  • Another step that is not taken into account is the brewing time. While brewing the coffee, you should set the brewing time to suit your taste. Our recommendation for you is a minimum of 4 minutes; the maximum is 7 minutes.

If you pay attention to all these points, you can prepare very tasty and full-bodied coffees with the French press. You can easily get those delicious aromas you taste outside in the comfort of your home and at very affordable prices.

What are Coffee Roasting Profiles?

Quality coffee beans, carefully collected by veteran farmers, leave the land where they were born and embark on a long journey. The seeds scattered all over the world go through different processes until they reach our cup. As a result of these processes, the hidden flavor in them is revealed.

The roasting stage of the coffee is one of the steps applied to give the bean identity and aroma. It is one of the stations that a kind of coffee bean stops before it reaches our cup.

Coffee beans are generally roasted according to three different degrees/profiles. These roasting profiles; We can list them as blonde roast, medium roast and dark roast. These three different roasting profiles enable the aromas in the coffee to emerge and gain different drinking characteristics.

Mithra Coffee is freshly roasted according to different profiles. kahve brings its varieties together with coffee lovers. The coffee beans, which are expertly roasted by professionals, meet our cup by being roasted without burning.

If you are in search of fresh and well-roasted coffee, we suggest you try Mithra Coffee's coffee varieties. You can choose the beans of the country you want among the blonde roast, medium roast or dark roast coffees and you can ask them to be grinded in the setting you want.

Blonde Roast Coffees

These coffees can also be called open roasted coffees. According to this profile, coffees are roasted at temperatures between 180-205 degrees Celsius. In the roasting process carried out according to this degree, the roasting is terminated at the first crackling sound coming out of the coffee beans.

Coffees roasted according to the Blonde roast profile are not preferred in espresso coffees because they have very intense acidity. Because espresso is brewed by applying high pressure. This can make the coffee taste even more bitter. It is mostly the preferred profile for Turkish coffee.

Medium Roast Coffees

It is the most preferred roasting degree. According to this profile, coffee beans are roasted at temperatures between 210-220 degrees Celsius. They are also referred to as medium roast coffees.

It has a very balanced structure in terms of acidity and aroma. It is a preferred roasting profile for filter coffee.

Dark Roast Coffees

For this profile, coffee beans are roasted at temperatures between 240-250 degrees Celsius. Its acidity rate is quite low compared to other profiles. For this reason, it is the most preferred roasting profile for espresso coffees.

You can have the coffee beans selected by Mithra Coffee from different farms and roasted with different profiles, according to the type of coffee you want. E.g; You may want to grind the coffee in the dark roast profile you have chosen in the form of espresso. Thus, you can brew the beans you have chosen with the most suitable methods.

The aroma you are looking for with Mithra Coffee is now very close to you!

Having trouble finding flavors you love? With Mithra Coffee, you can easily have coffee beans grown in the farm of the country you want.

Mithra Coffee It creates a unique variety for coffee lovers with the beans grown in the best quality farms of the world's leading coffee producers. Each of the coffee beans grown in different climatic conditions and altitudes is unique. Therefore, each type of coffee has different notes hidden within it.

For this reason, Mithra Coffee has flavors that those who love to discover different aromas in coffee will love. If you want to discover different notes at different times of the day, you will find the delicious aromas you are looking for with Mithra Coffee.

Therefore, thanks to Mithra Coffee, you will no longer have to go through the trouble of searching for coffee from every corner. Because your favorite flavors will be delivered to your door with just one click!

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