Uninterrupted Adventure from Eskişehir to Kars in TransAnatolia with General Tire

uninterrupted adventure from Eskisehir to Transanatolia with General Tire
uninterrupted adventure from Eskisehir to Transanatolia with General Tire

TransAnatolia, Turkey's first and only race, and one of the world's biggest and most challenging races, has started. Racers starting in Eskişehir will reach Kars by passing 18 provinces until 14 September. General Tire, one of the Continental brands, became the tire sponsor of the exciting adventure that continues in different road and weather conditions in Anatolia. General Tire accompanies the participants with Grabber AT7 tires that offer superior performance on and off the road for 24/3 uninterrupted rally pleasure.

Organized for the 11th time with the support of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation, TransAnatolia Rally Raid meets with racing enthusiasts between 11-18 September this year due to forest fires. This year, nature, history and culture play the leading role on the route, which is 2300 meters long. The tire partner of this challenging race, which will start from Eskişehir and extend to Kars, has been General Tire this year as well. General Tire, which is the "Official Tire Sponsor" of the event, provides tire removal and mounting services to motorcycles and vehicles in rally and raid categories with its expert team in the established service areas, in addition to supplying tires to the teams participating in the competition. Pilot Furkan Kızılay and co-pilot Çağatay Bekmez are competing in the General Tire team.

Exceptional handling experience with the Grabber AT3

For an uninterrupted and safe adventure, the drivers are accompanied by the Grabber AT3, the off-road tire developed by General Tire to meet the needs of SUV, pickup and off-road vehicle drivers. Thanks to its innovative tread design, the Grabber AT3, which provides clamping to the ground thanks to its gripping edges, easily cleans itself with its open back shoulder and provides additional grip on muddy roads. The wide sidewall teeth protect the tire body against factors such as stones, rocks and debris.

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