Enduro Enthusiasts Gathered in Bursa

Enduro Enthusiasts Meet in Bursa
Enduro Enthusiasts Meet in Bursa

📩 12/09/2021 13:20

The 'Green Way Uludağ Hard Enduro Race', organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality as part of the celebrations of the 99th anniversary of the liberation from the Greek occupation, started with the participation of 250 athletes. President Alinur Aktaş gave the start of the races, which will last for 3 days, while the athletes made a strong impression with their performances.

Celebrating the 99th anniversary of Bursa's liberation from enemy occupation with different programs, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is hosting the '2021 Green Way Uludağ Hard Enduro Races' under the coordination of our Youth and Sports Services Department. In the races held on 10-11-12 September 2021, the athletes compete fiercely with the beauty of Uludağ. In the fights where adrenaline was never lacking, although the motorists had difficulties from time to time, they received great applause from the audience with their performances. Trying to overcome the difficult tracks, the enduro players tried to get the best time. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who gave the start of the races, came together with the enduro enthusiasts. President Aktaş, who received information about the enduro engines from the athletes, wore the jersey specially prepared to commemorate the day. With the start of President Aktaş, the athletes who went to the track showed all their skills and reached the finish line.

“It will return to the international organization”

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they celebrated the 99th anniversary of Bursa's liberation from enemy occupation with various programs. President Alinur Aktaş, stating that Bursa is a beautiful place with the values ​​it has, said, “Bursa is a different city with its nature, culture, people and economy. We wanted to spice up our liberation day with different programs. We brought enduro players together in Bursa. Nearly 250 athletes will compete in the adrenaline-filled race. We see that success in these races does not depend on speed, but on the endurance and reliability of the driver. I hope it will be a hassle free process. We have the excitement of promoting and marketing our city to our country and the world. Bursa is a special city. Sport is an important activity for the promotion of the city. I believe that the excitement here will continue to increase every year. I believe he will return to the international organization in a few years. Although it is the first year, there is serious participation. I wish success to all the athletes," he said.

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