Evidence Hunters of the Police at Teknofest

evidence hunters of security at teknofest
evidence hunters of security at teknofest

At TEKNOFEST, the section created by the Criminal Division of the General Directorate of Security attracts attention. Citizens, who get information about the methods and devices used in the illumination of public order incidents from evidence hunters, gain experience in this field with simulations prepared with digital games and virtual reality technology.

The visitors, who have the opportunity to see the electromagnetic wave system that allows the destruction of suspicious packages with an unmanned vehicle, the underground bomb search and detection robot, and the laser bomb disposal drone that neutralizes explosives from 5 thousand 200 meters, are given hands-on information about fingerprints and forms of fraud. Participants also closely examine the “17 Lira Kaimesi” of 100-year-old Ottoman officer ensign Mehmet Muzaffer, who voluntarily participated in the Battle of Çanakkale, on display at the Police Museum.

Oğuz Tüzün, Deputy Head of the Criminal Department of the General Directorate of Security, said that the Presidency operates in three main areas: bomb disposal and investigation, crime scene investigation and laboratory units. Emphasizing the importance of evidence at the point of clarification of events, Tüzün said, “If we are going to accuse a suspect of something, evidence is very important. This is where the evidence is located (Criminal Department). Trust in evidence is trust in government. In other words, the more we keep the evidence intact, the more we increase the trust in the state, and we work with this awareness.” said.

Our Presidency Uses Science and Technology in Every Sense

İsmail Şahin, Criminal Department Crime Scene Investigation Branch Manager, reminded that crime scene teams are on duty all over Turkey, and said, “We have the opportunity to solve the incidents that have occurred at the crime scene. Here (TEKNOFEST), we show our citizens that we associate this opportunity with science and technology. Our Presidency uses science and technology in every sense. While using it, it adapts itself to innovations more and more every day. We organized games here by our presidency in order to cooperate with our youth, children and citizens and to develop the police-citizen feeling. In the games, our children learn what they should pay attention to in the event of theft, what kind of evidence they will obtain at the crime scene, and what the biological, chemical and physical types of evidence are. We're trying to make policing popular here. We can see the happiness in their eyes. TEKNOFEST has created this opportunity for us.” he said. Mentioning that they carry out awareness raising activities in order to prevent citizens from becoming victims in possible criminal incidents, Şahin stated that crime scene investigation studies have made significant progress in recent years with the projects carried out. Noting that they have increased the efficiency, efficiency and speed of justice with their work, Şahin added that they want to make the trust in evidence prevail throughout the country.

Citizens Are Informed Practically Against Fraud Incidents

Istanbul Regional Criminal Laboratory Manager Serdar Neşe stated that Regional Criminal Laboratory Directorates provide service in 10 provinces. Noting that the laboratories are divided into sub-divisions of ballistics, biological, chemical, anthropology, document, sound, image and data analysis, Neşe stated that the findings obtained at the crime scenes and by the investigation units were examined by the relevant units in the laboratories and gained the quality of evidence. Neşe said that in the booth they opened within TEKNOFEST, they informed the citizens practically against fraudulent events.

Chief Inspector Osman Tüysüz, Head of the Bomb Disposal and Investigation Branch of the Criminal Department, stated that they shared the technologies and working principles they had developed with the participants at TEKNOFEST. and exhibit the technologies that we have developed with national resources. Unmanned technologies are really very important to us. Even in underdeveloped times in Turkey, we, as the Criminal Department, really transferred technology from abroad for the safety of our bomb experts, and we succeeded. The fact that they are local and national also made a great contribution to our country. We continue to develop this technology.” he said.

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