E-Kent Company Increases ANKARAKART Sales Price

e city firm raises ankarakart sales price
e city firm raises ankarakart sales price

E-Kent company, which carries out the electronic fare collection of EGO General Directorate public transportation vehicles, announced that it has increased the sales price of ANKARAKART from 8.5 TL to 11.00 TL.

The company stated in the 20th article of the "Electronic Fare Collection, In-Vehicle Passenger Information, Camera and Smart Station System" contract signed with the EGO General Directorate on March 2013, 27; “The contractor will provide the cards used in the system. The contractor will sell the smart cards used in the system to the passengers for a price of 5 (five) TL and the card income will be collected by the contractor (The card price for the new year will be determined by taking the annual PPI average of the previous year after 1 (one) calendar year following the date of commissioning of the system). increased in accordance with its provisions.

In accordance with the contract, there is no intervention by our Company in this increase made by the Company to the sales price of ANKARAKART.

The price increase table of ANKARAKART made by E-Kent Company since the beginning of the contract is given below.

2013 5,00 ₺
2014 5,00 ₺
2015 5,00 ₺
2016 5,00 ₺
2017 5,50 ₺
2018 6,00 ₺
2019 7,00 ₺
2020 8,50 ₺
2021 11,00 ₺


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