Population Services Provided via E-Government

Population services offered through e-government
Population services offered through e-government

Mobile signature and/or electronic signature are required for general e-government. In order to benefit from these services, it is obligatory to enter the e-government system with a mobile signature and/or electronic signature.

  1. Birth Notification Procedures

Valid for notifications within 30 days. This system will be used for notifications with a domestic birth and health report. It will be signed by the mother or father of the child with an e-government password and a mobile signature or electronic signature after the name of the child, the father's name in extra-marital births, the information and address of the person who will receive the child's identity.

After the registration, the required sms will be sent by the system to the persons who make a declaration, and if no sms is received, the civil registry office will be contacted for the relevant registration process.

Question: This system has not brought any regulation if the date of birth of the child is before the date of marriage of the parents. How will the registration process be done?

  1. Request of a married or widowed woman to use her previous surname
  2. Request for Renunciation of Previous Surname of a Married or Widowed Woman
  3. The Divorced Woman's Request to Use the Priority Surname together with the Former Spouse's Surname, if Available in the Court Decision
  4. The Demand of the Woman Using the Surname of the Divorced Spouse in the Court Decision to Abandon This Request
  5. Request for Change, Deletion, Leave Blank in Religious Knowledge
  6. Widow's Request to Return to the House of Celibacy

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