Beware of Dysthymia Depression

beware of dysthymia depression
beware of dysthymia depression

Experts say that depression is usually expected to pass for up to 6 months, and that 'dysthymia', also called 'constant depression', impairs the quality of life, although it does not have as severe symptoms as normal depression. Noting that dysthymia, which occurs for many reasons, shows symptoms such as reluctance, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, and decreased interest in sexuality, experts point out that the effects of dysthymia last at least 2 years. Experts also underline that the treatment process can take months or even years.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Specialist Clinical Psychologist Ömer Bayar shared important information and advice about persistent depression called 'dysthymia'.

Requires at least 1-2 weeks for diagnosis

Emphasizing that depression has become a well-known disorder in the society, Specialist Clinical Psychologist Ömer Bayar said, “Depression symptoms are also known by almost everyone. In general, experts expect depression to pass for up to 6 months. It may take at least 1-2 weeks to make a diagnosis. Symptoms such as loss of appetite, decrease in energy, reluctance, loss of motivation, decrease in interest in life and desire for activities, sleep problems, weight loss are seen in classical major depressive disorder. said.

As the severity increases, regression occurs in the individual.

Bayar stated that as the severity of the depression increases, a state of regression occurs in the person, “This situation can come to the stage of being disconnected from life and eventually reach situations such as not being able to find a way out or being driven to suicide. This shows the severity and severity of depression. Of course, not everyone experiences depression to the same degree and severity. Depression differs from person to person.” used the phrases.

Dysthymia lasts at least 2 years

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Ömer Bayar, who said that 'dysthymia', also called persistent depression, is a type of depression, said, “Dysthymia is like depression in one aspect. Even though the person does not have symptoms as severe as normal depression, we can say that it has an effect that will impair the quality of life in the form of a pain, cause trouble from time to time, and make its presence felt frequently. It takes at least 2 years. Although it is not as frequent as major depression, it covers a period in which symptoms such as aversion, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, and decreased interest in sexuality are observed. he said.

It can occur for many reasons

Stating that it is not possible to attribute dysthymia to a single cause, Bayar said, “On the one hand, there may be biological factors, deterioration of brain chemistry or various hormonal structures, or health problems that trigger it. After a while, especially in alcohol-substance use, the mental health of the person starts to deteriorate and one of the consequences of this can be depression. Factors such as environmental events, major losses in life, major financial problems, traumatic experiences, and developmental processes can cause dysthymia. Dysthymia is more like a personality pattern that develops over the years and has continuity, rather than an acute, momentary disorder.” said.

Therapy can last for months or years.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Ömer Bayar said, “As a result of the studies, it was observed that the psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy treatment to be applied immediately after clinical observations and researches were very beneficial” and concluded his words as follows:

“Of course, patience is very important in this process. Especially after the client starts using drugs, it should not be forgotten that treatment is a process. It is important not to wait for this problem to be resolved within 2-3 weeks and to provide stability in the treatment process. Therapy is a journey that can take months or even years. Sometimes unconscious background factors can push the person into this mental distress. It may take time to explore and resolve these with the therapist. Therefore, faith and trust in treatment should not be lost during the process.”

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