State Theaters Open Their Curtains From September 21

state theaters open their curtains from September
state theaters open their curtains from September

The State Theaters, which will start the new theater season with 17 premieres, will open their curtains to art lovers as of September 21.

The State Theaters, which will host its audience in its halls after a long break, will offer the first tickets of its new season online, on the Sanat Cepte application and at the State Theater box office on September 18.

Prepared to meet art lovers with their new plays, the State Theaters will continue to use open-air venues in the 2021-2022 art season, while opening their halls to use with global epidemic measures.

Seats in the halls of the theaters will be arranged in accordance with the social distance rule. Audiences without masks will not be admitted to the halls. Hand sanitizers will be placed at the entrances, and spectators will be able to enter the events by showing their vaccination cards or PCR tests with a negative result up to 48 hours ago that they have not been vaccinated. Halls will be disinfected after the plays are performed.

In the first round, Istanbul 4, İzmir State Theater 3, Ankara, Konya and Diyarbakır State Theater 2, Bursa, Van, Adana and Antalya State Theaters 1 new play will meet theatergoers, preparing to appear before the audience with plays mostly composed by local writers.

In addition to new games, sold out last season and attracted great interest from art lovers. 'Stingy', 'Contrabass', 'Infinity Bookstore', 'Our Yunus', 'Aşık Veysel, 'Selvi Boylum Let's Write', 'Two Singles', 'Akide Candy', 'Madonna in a Fur Coat', 'Deadly Game' and '39 Steps' such plays will meet with the audience in the new season.

First Game of the Season “Glass Coop”

Bursa State Theater is the masterpiece of Tennessee Williams, the wise pen of modern American theatre.Glass Poultry' will say hello to the audience on September 21 at the Ahmet Vefik Paşa Stage.

Translated into our language by Can Yücel and directed by Şahin Ergüney, the play tells about the common pains through the drama of a family stuck in their small world of poverty during the Great Depression.

4 New Plays on Istanbul Stages

In the first month repertoire of the State Theatres, which will stage approximately 150 different domestic and foreign plays in the new art season, the most new plays will be staged at the Istanbul State Theatre. Istanbul State Theater will start the 2021-2022 theater season with 4 new plays.

"Next Year", "Gazale (Long Night)", the reading theater "An Arabian Night" and the children's play "Shusha and Kiki (Between Earth and Sky)" will be the new plays on the Istanbul stages that will meet with the audience.

“Year Today” In Mecidiyeköy Grand Stage, “Ghazal (Long Night)” Reading theater at Üsküdar Tekel Stage “An Arabian Night” Garibaldi and child's play “Shusha and Kiki (Between Earth and Sky)” and will greet art lovers at Fatih Municipality Culture and Art Center.

'Neyzen Tevfik' and 'Hacı Bektaş' at DT Stages for the First Time

While İzmir State Theater enters the new season with 3 new plays, two of the new plays will open the curtain for the first time on the stages of the State Theatre.

Written by Tankred Dorst, translated into our language by Sema Engin Edinsel and directed by Gürol Tonbul, the first play of the new season will be staged at Konak Stage on 5 October in İzmir. 'I'm Feuerbach' it will be.

Written by Iskender Pala 'Neyzen Tevfik'will tell about his hospitalization for treatment and Neyzen questioning himself and life in the hospital. The play directed by Murat Çobangil will be released on October 12. Karşıyaka It will make its debut at the Ragıp Haykır Sahnesi.

Written by Remzi Özçelik and directed by Metin Oyman 'Haci Bektas' It will be in front of the audience for the first time on October 19. In the play, the coming of Hacı Bektaş Veli from Horasan to today's Anatolian lands, raising his own students, and the emergence of Bektashism in our intellectual history, shaped by love, tolerance and divine love, will be told.

New games in regions

Ankara State Theater "Input”yi at the İrfan Şahinbaş Atelier Stage, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”On the I Akün Stage;

Adana State Theater 'In the Dark of the Night'' at the Haci Omer Sabanci Cultural Center Stage;

Diyarbakir State Theater 'Creating a Man' at the Orhan Asena Stage of the Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Cultural Center and 'Don't Let The Day Miss From My Window'i will also meet the audience at the Chamber Theater Stage.

Antalya State Theater 'Visitor' his play Haşim İşcan Cultural Center State Theaters Stage Small Hall;

Konya State Theater 'Comedy in the Dark' with his work 'Women's Station' his play is at the State Theaters Stage;

Van State Theater 'Three Lives One Story' his work will open its curtains at the Cultural Center Stage.

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