Continental Introduces Its New Sports Tire, SportContact 7!

continental brings its new sports tire sportcontact to drivers
continental brings its new sports tire sportcontact to drivers

Technology company and premium tire manufacturer Continental introduces the new sports tire SportContact 7 to drivers. Launched with a total of 19 products from 23 to 42 inches, the new SportContact 7 offers a sporty, extremely safe, handling-oriented and high mileage option on wet and dry roads for drivers who want to show high performance on the road.

The launch of the new SportContact 7, Continental's ultra-high performance tire, took place on 8 September in Hannover, Germany. In this online launch, which was broadcast live, open to participation from all over the world, Tire Business Line and Group Purchasing Board Member Christian Kötz, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Aftermarket Head of Passenger and Light Truck Tires Philipp von Hirschheydt, Passenger Group Tires Research & Development Director Denise Sperl, Vice President of Original Equipment Research & Development, Passenger Tires Dr. Holger Lange and Formula 1 World Champion & Sustainability Entrepreneur Nico Rosberg took part as speakers.

Continental showcased its new tire SportContact 7. As of September, the new SportContact 7, a high performance tire for sports vehicles, is on sale in Turkey with a total of 19 products between 23 and 42 inches. The new SportContact 7 offers an extremely safe, handling-oriented and high-mileage option for drivers who want to show high performance on the road. With the SportContact 10, whose performance on the race track has been increased by 7 percent compared to the previous model, the braking distance on wet surfaces decreases by 8 percent, and when dry braking is applied, the mileage increases by 6 percent. Developed in wet and dry handling and steering, SportContact 17 achieves excellence in all performance criteria by combining maximum driving pleasure with the highest level of safety and sustainability in the field of UUHP tires (high-performance tire segment).

Goal: The best summer tire on the market for every vehicle class

While the adaptive tread design adapts to dry and wet roads, Continental SportContact 7 offers maximum driving pleasure in every vehicle with its size-specific tread design. Head of Continental's Global R&D Passenger and Truck Tire Replacement Business Line Prof. Dr. “The focus of our development on this product was our goal of having the best sports summer tire on the market for every vehicle class. This included delivering drivers a significantly improved driving experience on dry and wet roads or on the racetrack, and giving users 17 percent higher mileage than the previous model. We also contribute to sustainability with the EU label value 'C' in fuel efficiency.”

Safe, efficient and sustainable option for heavy vehicles

Along with the other two summer tire models available, Continental meets almost 95 percent of market demand with current models. Enno Straten, Head of Strategy, Analytics and Marketing Tire Replacement at Continental EMEA, said: “This means we can fit tires on almost any car, SUV and pickup truck in Europe. With the new SportContact 7, we have a product that can keep up with the current developments in the market. Since all parts in the new tire have an increased load capacity according to the XL standard, we can also equip heavier vehicles without any problems, and with the new SportContact 7 we are now further supporting sustainability. The SportContact 7 not only has a significantly increased mileage as a result, but also offers one of the lowest values ​​in the UUHP segment with the EU tire label's 'C' fuel efficiency classification. This makes the SportContact 7 the safe and right choice for all sporty vehicles, whether conventional or electric.”

Passed the tests successfully

The SportContact 7 appeals to a wide range of sports cars, including super sports cars, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Audi's RS series and M GmbH's sports BMW. Compact models such as the Ford Focus III RS and the Mini Cooper S Clubman are included in this range. Also available in suitable sizes for various vehicles from Porsche 4 S GT, AMG, Lamborghini and McLaren, the SportContact 7 is the latest generation of a tried and tested popular sports summer tire. Since its production began six years ago, the SportContact 7 has won several magazine tests, including Auto Bild, and received top reviews.

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