Don't Miss Milk From Your Kids' Lunch Boxes

Do not miss the milk in your children's feeding bags
Do not miss the milk in your children's feeding bags

With the start of the school term, healthy eating of students is also on the agenda. Noting that milk plays an important role in the development of children because it is rich in calcium and minerals, experts recommend that children drink two glasses of milk every day. Experts warn that in order to meet the milk needs of children who spend a long time at school, there should be milk in their lunch boxes every day.

Nuh Naci Yazgan University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Prof. Dr. Neriman İnanç stated that it has been proven that 2 glasses of milk a day are of great importance in terms of intelligence development and increase school success. Belief; “We need to consume every food group in order to have a sufficient and balanced diet. Among the food groups consisting of milk, meat, cereals, fruits, vegetables, fats and sugars, only milk contains carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which are effective in energy formation. In addition to giving energy, milk is also important for the immune system. While there is an increase in upper respiratory tract infections as a result of the weakening of the immune system seen with the change of seasons, the consumption of milk, which contains more than 40 nutrients, plays an important role in the prevention of diseases such as flu, colds and pharyngitis.

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