Foods That Increase Children's Height

foods that make kids taller
foods that make kids taller

What are short stature and causes in children? Short stature is the short stature of the child for age and gender. There may be more than one reason for the child's short stature. The child may have a short stature or developmental delay due to factors such as the foods consumed, family genetics, environmental factors, the state of the previous pregnancy, lack of growth hormone secretion, complications during childbirth, and sports. Birth; If ideal conditions are provided for the baby in the womb before birth, the child will have normal weight and height. However, the mother's smoking, alcohol use or some infectious diseases during her pregnancy adversely affect the growth and development of the baby in the mother's womb. Growth retardation can be observed in a quarter of children with low birth weight (under 2500 grams).

Chronic diseases of childhood and some drugs used adversely affect growth. For example, conditions such as cortisol use, chronic anemia, long-term asthma, rheumatic diseases, heart diseases can cause short stature. In some cases, the pituitary gland in the brain cannot secrete growth hormone or secretes less. Along with growth hormone deficiency, other hormones secreted from the pituitary may also be deficient. The reason for this situation may be congenital, as well as a twin pregnancy, breech development of the baby during birth or severe head injury, damage to the brain due to a disease such as meningitis may lead to growth hormone deficiency. The effect of this hormone on elongation in children and infancy is quite high. Failure of growth hormone to be secreted or damaged in such cases is one of the most important factors that cause shortness in children.

Foods that help increase height in children

Foods rich in vitamin D; Vitamin D has a very important place in the development of bone and cartilage because it helps to fully absorb vitamins and minerals, that is, to provide real benefit from the food taken. Among the foods, the main source of vitamin D, which is mostly found in egg yolk, liver and fish, is sunlight. Bone development and height growth of children who are exposed to the sun are accelerated, provided that it is not too much and outside the hours when the sun's rays are steep.


Children's daily consumption of 100 g of meat or fish is important in terms of protein intake and both mental and physical development. In terms of iron in meat, selenium and phosphorus in fish, these two nutrients have a great place in the nutrition of children.


It is one of the highest sources of protein. However, with the A, D, E and B vitamins and iron in the egg content, it is one of the basic foods that should be applied in child development.


Molasses, which is rich in calcium and phosphorus, is also important in terms of child development with its energy. however, it is recommended by experts to be preferred for potassium, magnesium and iron intake.


Carob, which is rich in carbohydrates, is one of the foods that support the development of body and intelligence in children, as it is rich in vitamins B, B3, D, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

Milk, cheese and yogurt

The foods richest in calcium are milk and dairy products. The fact that these products are rich in protein, especially the probiotic effect of yoghurt, will help the child's digestive system to work.


It is an indispensable food for the strengthening of the immune system with its abundant fiber, protein, sodium, potassium, C and K vitamins.


All nuts are among the foods that should be included in children's nutrition. Among them, hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds are effective in protecting the heart as a strong source of Omega-3. Pistachio takes mental and physical fatigue, but attention should be paid to its use in allergen bodies.


Banana is one of the most powerful sources of potassium mineral. Potassium plays an important role in strengthening bones and increasing height.


Carrots are also among the foods that increase height. Carrot, which is an excellent food source for vitamin A and vitamin C, plays an important role in strengthening bones and keeping them healthy.

You can prevent shortness of life by having growth retardation and short stature tests done for your child at an early age, by early diagnosis, by consulting your doctor, by following the treatment methods offered and by following the healthy nutrition recommendations given.

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