CHP İzmir Deputy Kılıç Asked About the Accidents in Railways

chp izmir deputy kilictan corlu train accident statement
chp izmir deputy kilictan corlu train accident statement

CHP İzmir Deputy Sevda Erdan Kılıç shared the letter sent by TCDD to the court where the trial regarding the Çorlu Train massacre was held and said, “When this article is read in the courtroom, we can already see that everyone in the hall will shout, 'The Çorlu train disaster could have been prevented'. TCDD has revealed how AKP disregards human life in the letter it forwarded to the court.

CHP İzmir Deputy Sevda Erdan Kılıç submitted a parliamentary question about the Çorlu Train Accident, with the request of Minister Karaismailoğlu to answer. Erdan Kılıç shared the letter that TCDD sent to the court after the information requested by the Çorlu 1st High Criminal Court from TCDD on July 8, “The letter TCDD sent to the court presidency states that 25 people died and 340 people were injured in the train disaster in Çorlu. In fact, it shows that it can be prevented.” In the article sent by TCDD to the court regarding the Konya YHT line, the following statement was included:

“On 03.07.2021, at 15.18, the camera room where the YHT lines were monitored was informed to the Ankara YHT Command Center that 'although there is not much precipitation at the 170th to 174th kilometers of the YHT Polatlı-Konya line, the flood waters coming from the upper parts began to accumulate on the YHT line'. ”

Erdan Kılıç reacted with the words, “As soon as this article was read in the courtroom, we can already see that everyone in the hall would shout, 'The Çorlu train disaster could have been prevented'.


It is seen from the camera that there is a flood on the Konya-Ankara high-speed train line, and the driver is informed, the driver passes slowly through that area, and then all other train services are stopped. When we think that these trains are traveling at 250-300 kilometers, we can see how much of a disaster we were on that day with this warning. If there were cameras or enough train guards on that line where the Çorlu train disaster took place, kazanIt would be possible to see that the soil culvert under the rails had slipped due to the rain in the place where the disaster occurred, and thus this disaster could be prevented. But unfortunately it could not be avoided. During the 19-year AKP rule, while accidents that caused many train disasters, such as the "accelerated train freak" in Pamukova, occurred, unqualified, unqualified and unqualified officials working in TCDD and the Ministry of Transport just watched and could not prevent these accidents.


The letter sent to the court by TCDD, which can be the best example of the fact that human life has no importance under AKP rule, revealed that it clearly revealed what kind of murder was committed in Çorlu. In the article, it is explained in detail how the disaster was prevented by closing the line due to flooding on the Ankara-Konya high-speed train line. Even if they did what they did there in Çorlu, 7 people, 25 of them children, would not have died.


TCDD General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali İhsan Uygun is dismissed with a midnight decision and is replaced by one of the companies that grew 'jet speed' during the AKP period, which received the first private passenger transport license and some tenders for railways from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on 28 December 2020. Abdülkerim Murat Atik, who serves as the chairman of the board of directors of Sun Group, one of the companies, is brought in. Take my rose, give my rose…”


Erdan Kılıç brought the issue to the Turkish Grand National Assembly with a parliamentary question. Kılıç said, “Minister of Transport, Adil Karaismailoğlu, should do his job right first, instead of distracting the citizen with artificial agendas” and asked the following questions to the Minister:

  • What security measures are taken on conventional train lines?
  • How many road and gate control officers work on YHT lines?
  • How many road and gate control officers work on conventional train lines?
  • Is it planned to recruit new personnel to TCDD to be assigned to train lines?
  • How many people have died and been injured in train accidents in the last 19 years?
  • What was the financial damage of these accidents?
  • Has an investigation been launched against officials or officials within the ministry and TCDD after the train accidents that occurred in the country since 2002?
  • If so, how many investigations were opened and what were the results? Has there been any official or official who was dismissed or suspended?
  • Has the Sun Group Company, owned by Abdülkerim Murat Atik, the new General Manager of TCDD, received a tender from the institution, and if so, how much?

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