Kağıthane Train Carrying Weapons to the Front is on the Rails After a Century!

The Kagithane train carrying weapons to the front is on the rails a century later
The Kagithane train carrying weapons to the front is on the rails a century later

The Kağıthane Train, which was established to transport coal to Istanbul during the First World War and took part in the transport of weapons to Anatolia during the War of Independence, resumed its voyage after 100 years within the scope of the 'Revival of Historical Artifacts' project.

On the line starting from Silahtarağa Bilgi University and ending in Kağıthane Merkez; The nostalgic train, consisting of 2 wagons and 2 locomotives, was produced by Turkish engineers with completely domestic and national resources. The Kağıthane Train, which will be powered by solar energy and will operate entirely on electricity, will depart every half hour between 10.00:15.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX. The opening of the historical train was held in Kağıthane Municipality campus.

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While the opening program was hosted by Mayor Mevlüt Öztekin, AK Party District President Serkan Cantürk, previous term Kağıthane Mayor Fazlı Kılıç, AK Party Provincial Vice President Fahri Şahin and District Governor Mustafa Koç were among the participants.

Answering the questions after the ceremony, Mayor of Kağıthane Mevlüt Öztekin said, “Congratulations to our district and Istanbul with our historical dekovil line in Kağıthane. Today, after 100 years, we are excited to revive this train. Our train, which will go up to Kağıthane Square in a route of approximately 3 kilometers, will also work integrated with the Mecidiyeköy-Kağıthane-Mahmutbey and Gayrettepe-Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport metro lines. " said.

Noting that the train is sensitive to the environment, Chairman Öztekin continued:

“It does not use fossil fuels, it is an environmentally friendly train and has solar panels on it. It works entirely on electricity thanks to its battery-powered system, supported by solar panels. Our train will arrive and depart 15 times a day. It will be free in the next month. A small fee will be charged afterwards. “

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