Call for Regional Fight Against Mediterranean Fruit Fly to Prevent Loss of Yield

call for regional fight against mediterranean fruit fly to prevent yield loss
call for regional fight against mediterranean fruit fly to prevent yield loss

The Mediterranean Fruit Fly, which started to appear about two months before the early satsuma harvest, a very short time before the citrus season, causes irreversible damage to the fruits in tens of acres of citrus orchards in a short time if the necessary precautions are not taken.

As one of the institutions involved in the 'Mediterranean Fruit Fly Fight (AMS) National Action Plan' process, the Aegean Exporters' Unions, which accelerated their work, called for a regional struggle.

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association Chairman Hayrettin Aircraft summarized the activities of EIB by saying that Aegean Exporters' Associations participated in the meetings held within the scope of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly Control (AMS) National Action Plan, and that they were informed about the AMS struggle in the meetings with the producers:

“The importance of AMS damage was mentioned to the technical personnel of the member companies. Posters and brochures about AMS and its harm were prepared, and these images were hung and distributed in the relevant Provincial/District Agriculture and Forestry Directorates and the neighborhoods where the producers are located. During the 'Free Area Project' carried out by İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Manisa Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Bornova Plant Protection Research Institute, AMS traps were provided and support was provided. In addition, the 'Mediterranean Fruit Fly Monitoring Project' will be supported by the Muğla Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry to make the fight against AMS more effective.”

A pest that can destroy a year's labor in a matter of days

Hayrettin Plane said, “The Mediterranean Fruit Fly is a pest that can destroy the one-year labor of our producers in a few days. In terms of our industry, we have experienced very serious losses caused by this pest in the past years. One of them is that Russia sent back over 2018 tons of our mandarins in 500, claiming that the Mediterranean Fruit Fly was seen. It creates a significant loss in tens of tons of citrus fruits that fall in the garden due to pests before they are collected, remain on the trees because they are not suitable for consumption, or are thrown away from the selection and grading bands in the enterprises.” he said.

first week of September; the days when the pest began to appear

Stating that the fight against the Mediterranean Fruit Fly is extremely simple and possible, Hayrettin Aircraft underlines the need for a total struggle with the following words:

“This creature is a creature that can fly, can exceed hundreds of meters in short periods, and rapidly increases its population by laying up to 300 eggs in its lifetime. This shows that it is not possible to control the pest individually or in a garden, and even if it is done, the chance of success is low. No matter how many precautions a producer takes in his own garden, if his neighbor's garden does not take precautions, there is not much he can do in the fight against this pest. Therefore, a total, regional struggle is required. The first week of September is the days when the pest starts to appear. It is important that we start taking precautions from the first day.”

Let's remove the broken products in our garden, use the traps

call for regional fight against mediterranean fruit fly to prevent yield loss

The aircraft said, “The measures to be taken seem difficult but are extremely simple. First of all, there should be no rotten, cracked or damaged fruit in our gardens, which may be the host of the pest, or on the branch. After collecting this type of rotten, cracked and spoiled fruit from our garden and putting it in garbage bags, we should tie it up and throw it in the appropriate garbage areas. In the first two weeks of September, we should start hanging the biotechnical control traps, which are the most effective and most common control method in terms of environment and human health. We need to use the traps that we have seen success in previous years more effectively this year.” said.

We have a better chance of success together

The aircraft is of the opinion that the trapping process should be started immediately and completely in a short time, so that the yield does not fall further in Izmir citrus regions, where there is a serious loss of yield compared to the previous year.

“Whether it is disposable traps or traps prepared with mixtures that are harmless to the environment and human health, which have been tried and successful in the past years; Let it be used together and in every garden altogether. Then we will have a higher chance of success in the fight against this pest. We should not forget that the traps and the mixtures inside will not cause pesticide residue as they do not come into contact with the fruit. I would also like to state that our government also provides support for licensed traps for the product used in the fight against Mediterranean Fruit Fly. On behalf of our exporter and manufacturer; I would like to thank our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Provincial/District Agriculture and Forestry Directorates for their devoted work and support. I believe that the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, which has zero tolerance in exports, will prevent its damage within the scope of the all-out struggle given by all our producers.”

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