Accessible Nursery Project in Başkent Continues at Full Speed

barrier-free nursery project last face continues
barrier-free nursery project last face continues

The human-oriented work of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues without slowing down. PORTAS. Inc. 37 percent progress was achieved in the construction works of the “Accessible Nursery Project” commissioned by Children aged 0-3 with visual, hearing and physical disabilities will be able to benefit from the kindergartens built in an environmentally friendly manner with the "green building" feature.

The construction works, which were initiated within the scope of the “Handicapped Home and Accessible Children's Park” project, which was implemented in order to enable disabled children living in the capital to participate in social life and play games like their peers, continue at full speed.

5 percent progress was achieved in the construction of the 'Accessible Nursery', which was built on an area of ​​600 thousand 37 square meters in Çayyolu District.


Accessible Home and Accessible Children's Park, which will be one of the environmentally friendly projects designed as a "green building", will meet its energy from solar panels.

The nursery, which will store rain water and convert it to reuse, will have approximately 3 square meters of indoor usage area (150 thousand 2 square meters of floor area), 250 thousand square meters of barrier-free playground, 2 square meters of agricultural area, 350 square meters of courtyard and amphitheater.


The 'U' shaped building, which will have a low-rise and horizontal architecture with a capacity of 300 people, is designed to be used by visually, hearing and physically disabled children in the 0-3 age group, while other children can also benefit from the nursery.

Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality continues to work with the understanding of social municipality, PORTAŞ A.Ş. Deputy General Manager Okan Evliyaoğlu shared the following information about the nursery construction works:

“The construction progress level of our kindergarten, which has been under construction for about 4 months, is currently 37 percent. Although the construction period is 12 months, it is aimed to be completed in a shorter time. We are working to put our nursery project, which was undertaken by PORTAŞ A.Ş., into service as soon as possible with the direction of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş. We hope that our kindergarten will be a home where all our children will have a good time.”

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