Capital's First Skateboard Park Opened Its Doors to Skateboarders

the first skate park of the capital opened its doors to skateboarders
the first skate park of the capital opened its doors to skateboarders

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented projects that support sports and athletes one by one, opened the doors of the first reinforced concrete Skateboarding Park of the Capital, which it completed and decorated with graffiti upon intense demand from young people. Skateboarders came together at the first event held in the Skateboarding Park of international standards, established on an area of ​​approximately 3 thousand 400 square meters in Çankaya Çukurambar District.

A new project has been added to the projects implemented by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, especially to encourage young people to do sports.

Aiming to raise healthy generations by supporting sports and athletes, the Metropolitan Municipality opened the first reinforced concrete 'Skateboarding Park' of the Capital in international standards upon the intense demand from the youth. Skateboarders came together at the first event hosted by the Environmental Protection and Control Department.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Hüseyin Özcan, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Sercan Çığgın, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department Hasan Muhammet Güldaş, Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department Ali Bozkurt, Head of Health Affairs Department Seyfettin Aslan and ANFA Management Skateboarders who met at the event, attended by Ercüment Ünal, a member of the board, exhibited their skills in the park, which was decorated with colorful graffiti.

Skateboarding Park, which is located on an area of ​​approximately 1527 thousand 1528 square meters, located at the intersection of 3. Street and 400. Street in Çukurambar District of Çankaya district, consists of tracks that will appeal to different age groups.


Stating that both families and children will have the opportunity to do sports in peace in the Skateboarding Park, Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Sercan Çığgın said, “Both our children and families have the chance to be together with such beautiful places. As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we will be with our youth and we will continue to bring sports fields.”

Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department Hasan Muhammet Güldaş, who stated that they opened the Skateboarding Park with its spectator stands and green area apart from the tracks, to the service of all capital residents, said:

“In line with the demands of our young people, we built this place, which is the first concrete track of our capital in accordance with international standards, and we present it to the youth. In this sense, there was a serious demand. With the motto 'Your world is Ankara', we prepared this place with a beautiful painting in line with the ideas, opinions and suggestions we received from our young people. Skateboarding is a trending sport nowadays. Let our young people enjoy it, good luck.”

Graffiti artist Şenol Karakaya also stated that he was happy to take part in the project and said, “We did graffiti works here with the slogan "Your world is Ankara." Our aim here was to bring together the sport of skateboarding and the work of graffiti.”


The young people who came to the Skateboarding Park for the first time and skated on the track thanked the Metropolitan Municipality, which brought this park to the Capital, with the following words:

-Berkant Boray: “They thought of us. Here we will continue to slide. It was a good event.”

-Efe Gokmen: “I am a new skateboarder. Opening this place has been great for me. I ordered the skateboard online and learned that this place would open the day it arrived. I was a skateboarder in the garage. It will be very nice for me to ride outdoors. I am so happy."

-Sudenur Yilmaz: “The construction of the skate rink was good for the youth. It is a good opportunity to have fun outside of school.”

-Elif Kurugul: “The construction of this place has progressed rapidly. It was a beautiful area. It was very good to build a sports field instead of building a building.”

-Emrullah Ozkan: “This skate park was a big shortcoming in Ankara. It's a good opportunity to make young people love skateboarding. I love skateboarding. In our youth, these opportunities did not exist. My son will be able to come here and slide now”

-Çayan Adar Sarıpınar: “I've been wanting to come to this park since it was founded. I really liked the park. Thank you to the Metropolitan Municipality for giving us such a gift.”

-Boray Yilmaz: “I'm going to get my dad to buy a skateboard right away. We couldn't find a place to skateboard, it was great for us here.”

-Irem Ceri: "Very nice place. I've wanted a skate park for a long time. It was difficult to skateboard in the garden.”

-Ayşenaz Long: “I use skates. It has a very large area, lots of tracks, I liked it very much.”

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