Bantboru Off-Road Team Transanatolia Reaches Podium Target in 2021

Bantboru off road team reached its podium goal in transanatolia
Bantboru off road team reached its podium goal in transanatolia

BANTBORU Off-Road Team, which competed under the piloting of Batuhan Korkut and supported by PETLAS as the Tire Sponsor, achieved its goal of placing in the top three in the general classification in the 2.300-kilometer TransAnatolia Rally Raid race and took its place on the podium. BANTBORU Off-Road Team won the 11rd place in the General Classification as well as the first place in its own class in the race from Eskişehir to Kars between September 18 and September 2021, 3.

BANTBORU Off-Road Team, which set off with the goal of podium in the 11-kilometer TransAnatolia Rally Raid race, which started in Eskişehir on September 2.300, came to the finish in Kars on Saturday, September 18, as the third in the General Classification in the Automobile Category and reached its goal. BANTBORU Off-Road Team, supported by PETLAS, the leading brand of the tire industry with domestic capital, as the Tire Sponsor, clinched its podium success with the first place in its class.

BANTBORU Off-Road Team, which was launched in 2017 in line with BANTBORU's slogan of "Competitive Performance" and continuously raised the bar for success, kept its class leadership throughout the race.

Fırat Şahin took responsibility as co-pilot in BANTBORU Off-Road Team, which competed in TRANSANATOLIA 2021 under Batuhan Korkut piloting.

BANTBORU Off-Road Team, which has achieved its goal in TransAnatolia Rally Raid 2021, organized with the participation of teams and athletes from different countries as well as from Turkey, will participate in the TOSFED Baja Cup races planned as 2021 legs in 4 and the international Baja Troia Turkey, which is a pillar of the Eastern European Baja Cup. will also take part in the races with the podium password.

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