Attention to Myoma Problem in Women!

attention to uterine fibroids problem in women
attention to uterine fibroids problem in women

Gynecology and Obstetrics, Gynecological Cancer Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Mert Göl gave information about the subject. Fibroids, which begin to shrink after menopause, are benign tumors consisting of the muscle layer of the uterus, which are common in adult women between the ages of 30 and 40. Although it is not known what causes fibroids, they grow under the influence of hormonal conditions. It is very important to follow up the growing fibroids in terms of the possibility of being malignant.

Most fibroids do not cause any symptoms. The patient learns that he has fibroids during routine examination. Routine controls are important in patients without complaints.

Sometimes, women who apply to the doctor with very serious symptoms may have symptoms such as disturbingly abnormal bleeding, pain, back pain during menstruation, and pain during sexual intercourse. Patients go to the toilet frequently, preventing the bladder from fully expanding when it puts pressure on the bladder. When he puts pressure on the rectum, he will constantly feel that he needs a toilet. Fibroids on the inner surface of the uterus prevent pregnancy.

Fibroids can grow up to 25 cm in size, as well as the size of a pinhead. Enlarged fibroids are not noticed in overweight patients. Swelling is noticed in the lower abdomen of thin patients.

If the patient's complaint affects his daily life, the surgical method is always decided according to the patient's age, number and size of the fibroids, location, complaints and whether he is considering pregnancy in the future.

Today, laparoscopic (closed method) surgery for numerous and large fibroids allows the patient to recover faster and return to daily life faster than open surgeries.

Since it is performed with very small incisions in closed myoma surgeries, there is no disturbing large incision scar in the abdomen. In closed myoma surgery, less bleeding and the possibility of hernia in the incision area and adhesions in the abdomen are less.

Patients who feel less pain have a shorter recovery time. Hospital stays are also shorter.

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