Ankara's Caravan Parks Have Become Favorite of Caravan Enthusiasts in a Short Time

Ankara's caravan parks soon became the favorite of caravan enthusiasts
Ankara's caravan parks soon became the favorite of caravan enthusiasts

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality delighted the caravan enthusiasts with the caravan parks it opened in Kurtboğazı Dam and Mavi Göl. The two caravan parks, which were opened by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, on the 30th of August Victory Day, quickly became a favorite spot for caravan enthusiasts.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the caravan park project in order to expand the caravan tourism in the capital and to revive the local economy.

Kurtboğazı Dam and Mavi Göl caravan parks, which were opened by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş on August 30, Victory Day, soon became a frequent destination for caravan enthusiasts.


The caravan parks, established on an area of ​​approximately 6 square meters in Kurtboğazı Dam and approximately 500 thousand square meters in Mavi Göl, meet all the basic needs of citizens with caravans.

Caravan parks with green space, clean water, electricity, social facilities, security and parking facilities for each caravan; It is flooded with visitors who want to stay away from the city crowd and stay in nature.


Caravan enthusiasts from Başkent, who gave full marks to the caravan park project carried out by the Department of Environmental Protection and Control of the Metropolitan Municipality, expressed that they liked Blue Lake very much:

-Mahmut Ayca: “It was very nice, we liked it very much. It was something that was very lacking for Ankara. We would like to thank our President Mansur. We want such places to be brought to Ankara. As a caravan owner, they were places we could not find in Ankara. We always went to the beaches in the summer, but unfortunately we couldn't find a place to park our caravan instead of camping, let alone the Caravan Park. This place is truly amazing.”

Ipek Ayca: “We would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for bringing such a place to Ankara. It is very beautiful, it is very difficult to find such natural places in Ankara. We really liked that it was evaluated in this way. We heard that it will be done in a few more places and we were very happy. There is water, electricity and all the needs of caravans. I recommend it to all caravan owners.”

-Hakan Thassos: “Very successful, a positive development for Ankara, it was needed. I highly recommend everyone to come here. This shows that caravan tourism is developing in Ankara.”

-Filiz Esetekin: “I found this place very nice. It's clean, the grass is green. There is no garbage, our holiday started very pleasant. I advise. I especially thanked him by tagging Mansur Yavaş on our Instagram account. Since we are busy people during the week, we have very limited time on the weekends. We don't always have the opportunity to go to a far place. We needed places like this nearby. So we are very satisfied.”

-Bora Esetekin: “We definitely recommend it to other people as well. We loved it, it's clean. The facility is also in a very good condition, electricity, water, all facilities are available. We were very satisfied.”

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