Ankara Coffee Festival Will Open Its Doors to Coffee Lovers for the 5th Time

ankara coffee festival will open its doors in bilkent center on october world coffee day
ankara coffee festival will open its doors in bilkent center on october world coffee day

Ankara Coffee Festival will open its doors for the 5th time on October 1, World Coffee Day at Bilkent Center. Ankara Coffee Festival, which brings together quality coffee flavors, coffee shops and world-famous coffee brands with coffee lovers, opens its doors in Ankara Bilkent Center after a long time...

Enjoyable concerts, seminars and workshops will meet with visitors in the organization, which will be held between 1-2-3 October 2021 with the main sponsorship of Bilkent Center. Ankara Coffee Festival, where 24 live concerts will take place, will host well-known names such as Gökhan Türkmen, Can Bonomo and Beduk. Young talents and music groups from Ankara will also have the opportunity to perform at the festival.

Coffee scented concerts

On Friday, October 1 at the Festival; Painted Bird, Arubaluba, Sattas, Gipsy Pavillion, Sinagrit Baba, Jabbar and Beduk on Saturday, October 2nd; Wu Wei Trio, Slugs Band, Ege Çubukçu, De Lejos, Gorilla Reggea Band, Tuğçe Doğu feat. No Spoon and Can Bonomo, on Sunday, October 3; Depo Flamenco, Black Dragon, Melis Fiş, Demirabi, No Spoon, Ikaru and Gökhan Türkmen will take the stage and excite music lovers.

The doors of the magical coffee world are at Bilkent Center

Speaking about the program, which will be full, Bilkent Center Mall Manager Ayhan Aytekin said, “The Coffee Festival, of which we have been the main sponsor for 4 years, has become a highly anticipated adventure for Ankara. We are proud to host thousands of coffee lovers by hosting such a great organization. We are happy to organize this beautiful festival, which was suspended due to the pandemic, in Bilkent Center, within the framework of social distance rules.”

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