Ali Mountain Funicular Line Project Progress Step by Step

ali mountain funicular line project is progressing step by step
ali mountain funicular line project is progressing step by step

📩 14/09/2021 14:23

Ali Mountain Funicular Line, the most important project in Talas history, is progressing step by step. After the pre-qualification tender held in the past days, the technical files prepared by the companies were delivered today. The tender commission accepted the technical files prepared by 8 prequalified companies regarding the Ali Mountain Funicular Line project.

Making a brief statement about the process, Talas Municipality Deputy Mayor İsmail Güngör pointed out that the historical project is progressing step by step and said, “Last month, we made the pre-qualification tender. Today, we received the technical files from 8 companies that received prequalification. Then we will have one-hour technical interviews with these companies. As a result of technical file information and negotiations, we, as a municipality, will create the technical specifications and go to the construction tender. We are taking a determined stance in realizing this biggest project in Talas history and we are advancing step by step.”


Talas Mayor Mustafa Yalçın also made a statement on the subject, “Ali Mountain is one of the most important paragliding venues in Turkey. Here we organize world-class air sports competitions. With this aspect, Ali Mountain Funicular Line will be a project that will support civil aviation and international air sports. It will also serve nature lovers, mountaineering and extreme sports enthusiasts. Mount Ali Master Plan, with its facilities, facilities and activities, will be a first in Turkey and will add a lot to Kayseri. We plan to implement all the projects in the Ali Mountain general master plan with a budget of 100 million liras.” he had spoken.


It has a length of about 1.300 m and even 1.261 m. 1.766 m from its elevation. up to 505 m. height will be output. There will be 46 stations, the lower station, the upper station, and the 360-degree walkway intermediate station, on the line that will extend with an average of 3% incline. With the cabins with a capacity of 60 people, 1.200 passengers can be transported per hour. 20 and 120 m on the line. Two bridges will be built in length. There will also be social facilities for eating and drinking and various sports and entertainment activities at the stations.

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