AKK and EGO Held an Introductory Meeting for the I'm Learning Sign Language Project

I am learning akk and ego sign language project introductory meeting was held
AKK and EGO Held an Introductory Meeting for the I'm Learning Sign Language Project

An introductory meeting of the “I'm Learning Sign Language Project”, prepared by the Ankara City Council (AKK) and EGO General Directorate, to draw attention to the problems experienced by hearing-impaired citizens while communicating and to minimize these problems.

Ankara City Council President Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, Health Affairs Department Head Seyfettin Aslan, Business and Subsidiaries Department Head Murat Sarıaslan, Support Services Department Head Yalçın Demirkol, EGO Deputy General Manager Emin Güre, EGO Deputy General Manager Zafer Tekbudak, Head of Human Resources and Education Department Serpil Aslan, Head of EGO Support Services Department Bülent Kılıç, Head of EGO Information Processing Department Ali Yayla, Head of Bus Operations Department Yahya Şanlıer, Head of Service Improvement and Institutional Development Department Ayten Gök , EGO Legal Counsel Hatice Köse, Ankara City Council Disabled Assembly President Ersan Petekkaya, Ankara City Council Disabled Assembly SözcüSU Evren Barışık, SERÇEV Secretary General Sinem Ersoy attended.


Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality has turned Ankara, the city of fight, into a city of peace, participation and abundance, Ankara City Council Executive Board Chairman Halil İbrahim Yılmaz said:

''As you know, Ankara came first in the World Mayors' Capital Competition. Mr. Mansur said that he accepted the award on behalf of 6 million Ankara residents, so the city's coming to the fore and increasing its awareness in the international arena, rewarding the participation here makes the 6 million Ankara residents, who we define as the one heart, make them happy. What did Ankara do to deserve this? Ankara, the city of war, became the city of peace, tranquility, participation and abundance. Mansur Yavaş became a world brand because he ended the fight in this city. We were very happy to see how interested our EGO General Manager was when the project I am learning sign language in Ankara City Council was conveyed to our first handicapped council. How valuable it is that more than 4 thousand EGO drivers, with all dimensions of participation, take this training with great responsibility. The development of awareness of more than 1 million citizens using the subways in Ankara, the advancement of this feeling on all city screens will ensure that the whole city is connected. We know what our friends, whose comfort we have increased in life can add to life and the city, in the I learn sign language project. I would like to express my gratitude to you on behalf of the City Council members for creating this urban climate.''


EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş stated that as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, they started sign language training to facilitate the lives of disabled citizens, and gave the following information:

“I am Learning Sign Language project has two purposes, first of all, to raise awareness about the problems faced by our hearing-impaired citizens in public transportation, and our second goal is to teach sign language to our citizens who use public transportation. One of the works we carried out in this context was the training of our officers who are in communication with our hearing-impaired citizens in public transportation and our citizens who use our buses or subways as passengers. First of all, they were given sign language training. In order to make the time spent in public transportation more valuable for our citizens of Ankara who use public transportation, it will also be ensured that they learn sign language through the information screens in public transportation vehicles. We have created a website to learn more about and talk about sign language. In the site named 'isaretdili.ego.gov.tr', there are 8 videos and basic terms related to sign language. sözcüThere is also a training manual with instructions. Our citizens can get the information they want by visiting this portal on the website of our institution.


Expressing that I am Learning Sign Language project will make a big impact, Ankara City Council Disabled Assembly President Ersen Petekkaya made the following evaluations:

“We worked with a good team on the I'm Learning Sign Language project for 8 months. It was formed by the friends given from the Departments within the body of the EGO General Directorate, as well as the Ankara City Council and its components. Our aim is to raise awareness in Ankara, especially on behalf of disability in Ankara. When this project was really researched, it was a first in the world. It was very important to turn the screens in the subway, city screens and EGO buses into education areas. We think that this project will make a big impact and the people of Ankara will be interested. Again, there are materials we have made, learning cards, booklets, which will add awareness to this event. We think that the feedback on the subject will be very positive, and we thank everyone who contributed.”

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