Airbus Single Aisle Airspace Cabin Put into Service with Lufthansa

airbusin new single-aisle airspace cabin put into service with lufthansa
airbusin new single-aisle airspace cabin put into service with lufthansa

Lufthansa began operations with Airbus' first A320 Family aircraft (an A321neo) with a new single-aisle Airspace cabin. Thus, the airline became the first operator in Europe to introduce new Airspace cabin features for A320 Family passengers. Lufthansa Group, a long-time A320 Family customer, will equip more than 2018 new A80 Family aircraft ordered from Airbus in 320 with Airspace cabins.

While the new Airspace cabin provides better visibility thanks to the redesigned frame and windows with fully integrated canopy, thinner side wall panels for extra personal space at shoulder level, the widest overhead cabinets with 60% more luggage space, the latest generation LED lighting technologies, The LED-lit entrance area includes features such as new toilets with hygienic and contactless features and antimicrobial surfaces.

Airbus Airspace Cabin

“Lufthansa is taking the flight experience to a new level with Airbus' latest cabin design, once again focusing on innovation and passenger satisfaction. We are pleased to welcome Lufthansa, one of our long-time partners, as the first European operator of the A320neo Family Airspace cabin. "I can't wait to fly in one of these planes," he said.

Heike Birlenbach, Head of Customer Experience at Lufthansa Group, said: “Despite the crisis, we continue to focus on a premium product for our guests. For us, premium means always delivering high-quality and personalized offers for all our passengers. “With the new Airspace cabin, we significantly improve the travel experience on short-haul routes and set a new industry benchmark.”

Lufthansa, which has operated A1980 Family aircraft since the 320s, became the first customer of the A321 and A320neo. The airline group is one of the largest Airbus operators in the world.

At the end of July 2021, the A320neo Family had over 120 orders from over 7.400 customers worldwide.

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