What is Dilatation Profile and Where Is It Used?

What is dilatation profile and where is it used?
What is dilatation profile and where is it used?

Many different techniques are applied and used in building constructions today. One of them is the term dilatation. Dilatation, which is a word specific to the construction industry, means expansion, and various gaps are left in certain areas in response to the expansion of buildings both during and after the construction phase. These voids belonging to the ground have the characteristics of completed voids in the absence of structural changes. Dilation profile are the filling profiles used in these gaps. Thanks to the dilatation profiles that prevent a physical damage and prevent gaps in the best way and help to close them, you can use them in new generation systems with many varieties, and you can ensure the durability of the building in the best way.

Areas where dilatation profiles are used a lot are seen and known at the point of filling these gaps, which are among the indispensable techniques in the construction of a long-lasting building. Accordingly, these areas, which know the expansion movement as a safety against the expansion caused by high temperatures belonging to the construction sector and where dilatation gaps are left, are formed as steel and rubber profiles. It is also important in terms of building durability, while it is produced in different sizes, depending on the areas to be used, on demand. Almost all of the new generation building constructions have this type of profiles and are widely used. Dilatation profile types suitable for under, over, wall, ceiling or lower wall ceiling areas are used.

Aluminum skirting boards, on the other hand, are the best products that prevent the growth of harmful organisms by closing them if there are faults in the areas where the floor and the wall meet. In case of high quality aluminum, it is resistant to corrosion in powder coating, which ensures a long-lasting production process. aluminum skirting board You can find any color you are looking for in silver, inox, bronze or yellow color varieties through the brand you want to work with.

It is widely used in public spaces such as hospitals, various shopping malls or hotels, especially in environments such as homes or offices. It is always possible to see aluminum skirting boards and their derivatives in many areas where there are living spaces and people. When you work with a good brand, you can choose according to your wishes and you can find the model you are looking for instantly.

When it comes to exhibiting a quality work with the right brand Alka Tech offers you the best service and solution. It creates the possibility of using extremely durable and long-lasting products with both economic and aesthetic features that will appeal to the eye in many skirting solutions, including aluminum skirting models. Thanks to electrostatic powder painting, aluminum skirting boards, which increase their resistance to corrosion, also eliminate a possible rusting process in contact with any liquid. If you choose well-known brands in production processes with the right technique, you will benefit from a variety that offers long-lasting use to you.




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